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Hey Bastardly Brendan, I know you lost your leg when it was eaten by a landwhale. Is it true that your peg-leg is carved from land-whale bones? Also, are the bones covering your car real?

It is covered in engravings. Intricate little designs of sobbing Westerners drinking gallons of fizzy drinks. 

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What do you expect them to be fighting?

These guys would really just be you standard infantry-to-infantry fighters. I can remember reading somewhere about the landsknechts using their zweihanders to break pikes in battle (obviously earlier than the 30 Years War but still).

Plus this is also after having a discussion on the forums at Lead Adventures over how to properly represent Scottish/Irish mercenaries during the 30 Years War. Someone suggested taking some slightly heavy artistic licencing to represent them as Scots/Irish.

thekawaiiestvorlon replied to your post: Yes of course I realize I did that. I did it on purpose. The day that a group of girls gang-rape a boy, take pictures of it and brag about it and put it on facebook, is the day that I will give a single fuck about men’s rights. Yes, it’s true that some shit isn’t fair, but guess what: males get the “fair” end of the stick a LOT more. By the way, I’m not trying to fight or anything. I respect your opinion, you keep fighting your fight. But I figured I would at least answer you. Have a good day!

Don’t count on it. She’ll say it doesn’t count.

He, not she.

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Whenever I see "Latin@" I always try to sound it out. Presumably, if it's the proper way to refer to people from the latinized regions of the western continents by "Latin@" one should be able to speak it aloud? How do I pronounce it verbally? Does one say "Latino/Latina," or would the word order be sexist? Would turning it around just make you a "nice guy?" What about "Latinoa?" Or "Latinao?" Does one pronounce the last two vowels as one syllable or two?

I heard they pronounce it like Latin-at.

Which is fucking ridiculous.

If you identify as male: Latino.

If you identify as female: Latina.

if you want THEY pronouns: Usted.



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I just wanted to let you know that your blog is lovely! I may try my hand at analysis of the pieces you post from time to time, if that's not a problem for you.

Oh Gawd, no, I love reading people’s opinions on the paintings I post. Actually I really loved what you said about “The Irritating Gentleman”, I happen to agree with you. We don’t know the whole story behind the painting and we can only assume the things the painter wanted to express.

I don’t necessarily dismiss the sexual harassment statement but it could also be a case of “Heey, why you cryin’, let me cheer you up”. And yes, kindness can be irritating as well. So yes, your comments are spot on.
Thank you.

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If stuck in the non-ideal circumstance of medieval combat, what would your choice of weapon (weapons) be. If you're willing, make multiple loadouts based on whether you a fighting in buffcoat, maille, halfplate, or fullplate (on the ground).

Well… I’ll be honest my knowledge of medieval combat is not the best, since I only know that swords were not effective at piercing plate armour of any sort, and warhammers, picks and maces are better against armour. Although carrying a longsword didn’t hurt.

Although (and I assume that societal rank and time period is of no importance here), if I were fighting in a loadout of my choice, I’d probably go for:

  • Brigandine to protect the chest and maille underneath.
  • A simple set of armour (pauldron, rerebrace, couter, vambrace and gauntlets) for the arms and hands, gorget with besagews for the neck and armpits.
  • A sallet style helmet for the head and a bevor.
  • Greaves and cuisses for the legs.
  • And for weapons, either a polearm, or a longsword with a shield.

I probably cocked that up somehow in some way, but what the hey.

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I think it's more insidious and pervasive. If you are employed at a company, that makes you part of their "institution." I think what she's saying is only the employed can be racist.

…That makes no sense to me… 

This, ladies and gents, is why this blog exists.

What the fuck kind of logic even is that.

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If racism is institutional and only institutional, does that mean that an individual tumblr user throwing around racist slurs isn't actually throwing around racist slurs if they're not affiliated with any institution?

Doesn’t that mean that racists aren’t actually racists unless they get involved with the KKK or something?

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The answer is no, but halberds were and their successors (poleax, lucerne hammer, bec de corbin) were common in the arsenal of a knight in full-harness on foot. If you want a cavalry weapon I would suggest you take a look at a few warhammers.

Thought as much. I have honestly no idea why I thought halberds would be a good weapon to give to mounted knights.

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Right now it's impossible to be rid of Caldor Draigo and Castellan Crowe because the models for them exist and they're not Doomrider. If you had the opportunity, how would you rewrite their lore to help them better fit the non-Wardian tone of the Warhammer 40k universe?

They both reek of mindless, heroic desperation. Plain and simple.

EDIT: I just realized I didn’t actually answer your question because simply… I have no idea.

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Palestine as a state did not exist until recently, but the region name has existed for a long time. The Franco-Norman knights of the Crusades who opted to stay in Outremar wrote back to their families in France and Normandy describing themselves as "Palestinians," having readily adapted to the local culture, many marrying native Palestinians.