So I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to say to you guys for weeks now. I’ve bounced a lot of things around in my head… Keep it short and sweet? Get all touchy feely? Make em cry? (kidding.)

Well, here I am, totally winging it. Actually, I don’t know if this is the best idea, but here goes nothing.

So what is this post about? In a nutshell, I just want to thank you all. A simple “Thank you” really isn’t enough, but I have to say it regardless. Both of my YouTube channels passed 16,000 subscribers within the past week, and maybe it’s just me, but I seem to be getting a lot more love than usual lol. And not just on YT either. Instagram, Twitter, here on my blog, you guys have been so unbelieveably supportive and kind. I truly appreciate all your messages, comments, tweets, etc. Even if I can’t reply, I do at least read them all. They honestly make my day. The fact that you guys are comfortable talking to me, a complete stranger, and sharing with me, asking for my advice, sending love my way; is such a strange phenomenon, and I’m so grateful. 

What I think a lot of people don’t understand about being a part-time “YouTuber” is that for me at least, YT functions as this alternate world. I’ve said before that sometimes YT Katie is almost like my alter ego. I can be whoever I want to be, portray myself however I’d like, reveal and conceal whatever I’m comfortable with. My internet world is really the only thing in my life that I feel like I have full control over. That’s not to say that I’m not being myself on camera, more like I’m being the best version of me, the me I’d like to be.

And that makes it that much nicer to hear that you guys enjoy the content I produce. It makes me so happy to know that I make some of you laugh and smile. I love to hear that I helped you feel better, whether it was about yourself or about going off to college, I’m just glad I can help. 

Something I think people forget sometimes is that I’m just your average 22 year-old. I don’t have my life figured out. I don’t know everything. I don’t have all the answers. I’m just like you.  

That being said, some of you already know this hasn’t been the easiest year for me. 2013 ended pretty terribly actually, and it didn’t really get any better. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of amazing opportunities have come my way (um 17 MAGAZINE!), but apart from that it’s been tough. Most of you know I haven’t graduated yet. That alone elicits a lot of its own issues. Feelings of failure, anxiety, frustration. Fun stuff like that. I got hit hard with a lot of unfortunate, unavoidable situations this year that completely blindsided me. I’ve never been so stressed out. I was so drained and so annoyingly unmotivated. And then for a while, my computer was broken, so I couldn’t make videos for you guys, which made me feel even more lost than before. Then it was fixed, but I got bombarded by more hate than I’d ever received. Most of them were dumb, generic comments, riddled with grammatical errors I might add, but it got to the point where I really started to question why the heck I even bothered. 

I’ve been making videos for over 4 years now, been blogging for about 3 years, social media-ing it up for about 3 years as well. When you dedicate that much time to something, you’re bound to hit a rough patch. I hit mine this year. For a solid two months I was truly considering quitting. I always told myself that once it started to feel like work, I had to stop. What’s the point in putting so much time and effort into something that doesn’t seem to give anything back? “Get a real job,” is a phrase I am all too familiar with. When filming felt like a nuisance and editing felt like a chore, I knew something had to change. Right now I’m still trying to figure out how to manage my channels and school and my new internship and everything else. I still don’t feel like I’m 100% back in the game, but like I said, I don’t have all the answers, but I’m trying.

HOWEVER. You guys have made me feel SO much better. Whenever I feel like all this isn’t worth it, I get a comment telling me my videos are awesome or that my makeup is on point lol. Little things like that have big effects.

So again, thank you. In all honesty, you guys are probably the most supportive and encouraging people in my life right now. You really don’t know how much you mean to me and how much you’ve helped. Thank you for accepting my awkward, sarcastic, asocial self. Love you all.


…aka thekatizzzle/katizzzletalks :)

I was tagged by theladyintweed, thank you! :)

Rule one: Always post the rules.

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  1. If you could be any historical figure, who would you be? Hmm, good question! It took me ages to think of someone who wasn’t fucked up to some degree. I know this person is a fairly modern historical figure, but I think I’d choose to be Stanley Milgram- he created the ‘Milgram Experiment’. If you or anyone hasn’t heard of it, I’ll link info about it below! I was going to say Coco Chanel, but unfortunately she had an unpleasant childhood and went on to side with the Nazis in WWII, so that ruled her out. She was ballsy as fuck, though, which I do admire.
  2. If you could have lived at any historical court, which one would you have lived at? Hampton Court!
  3. If you could have your portrait painted by any artist, who would you choose? You, theladyintweed! :D (but also Manet, David Hockney and Derren Brown tbh, not that he’s actually an artist but he’s really talented).
  4. If you could have any mythical animal as a pet, which one would you pick? Probably a deer, but a deer like the ones in Fionn Mac Cumhail/Oisín stories.
  5. If you had to wear one style of historical clothing for the rest of your life, which would you choose? For the rest of my life?! Hmm… I think 1920s, on balance.
  6. If you could own any castle, palace, house, etc, which would you choose? For some reason I’ve always really liked Kilkenny Castle, so I think I’ll go with that. I’d love to own Hearst Castle and Chateau d’Or, too.
  7. If you could be a member of any royal family, which one would you join? Probably none of them, not gonna lie… At a push the Spanish royal family.
  8. If you could go back in history and kill one person, who would you kill? Either Hitler or Stalin- probably Hitler, though.
  9. If you could live in any place in Italy, where would you live? Random question! Milan, I think. Florence is closer to the coast though, so maybe Florence.
  10. A quote from your favourite historical figure? Love this question! This is a quote from good ol’ Coco that I’ve had on my bedroom wall for a couple of years:

    Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.

  11. If you could be any kind of mythical thing (eg ghost, fairy, vampire, etc) which would you be? I haven’t got the foggiest notion, so I took a quiz to see what mythical creature best fits my personality and I got ‘Siren’? Apparently they’re bad bitches who lure in sailors? I’m not complaining…

The Milgram Experiment:

Those questions were really interesting, thanks for the tag! Now, here are mine :D

1. What genre of film would you choose to star in?

2. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

3. What is your biggest fear?

4. What is one of your favourite quotes of all time, and who is it by?

5. Name your favourite shape (e.g. circle, triangle, pentagon etc.)?

6. Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type? (see below if you don’t!)

7. Name a fictional character who you really relate to, and how you relate to them.

8. Name your favourite symbol (e.g. star, heart, swirl etc.).

9. Are you a fast walker?

10. Describe a dream you once had that had an impact on you, whether it be positive or negative.

11. If an ATM gave you extra money by accident, what would you do with it?

Myers-Briggs Test:

I tag a-whole-thing-of-candy-beans, ours-is-the-renly, my-paper-cranes, bornthiswayxx, valleyparadise, thekatizzzle and there’s nothing in the rules saying you can’t tag the person who tagged you so I tag theladyintweed (<—but you don’t have to come up with eleven new questions, unless you want to)!

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OOTD: Spring Floral.

So…let’s be real. Living in sunny SoCal really doesn’t warrant much diversity as far as dressing for the seasons goes, but I try. If you saw my last haul video, you know I got these floral shorts, and I styled them exactly how I said I would in the video. 

For a cute and comfortable look this spring, throw on a light sweater over some floral shorts, dress, or skirt. Add some simple accessories and your favorite pair of booties, and you’re good to go. My hair has been driving me insane, so I twisted it up into a bun. 

This is one of six looks I put together for my next fashion video, which should go live either tomorrow or Wednesday, so stay tuned! 

What I’m wearing:

- Shorts & Sweater: Forever 21

- Booties: Sam Edelman

- Purse: Cotton On

- Rings:

- Necklace: Brandy Melville

- Watch: Target

-Nail Polish: Color Club Eternal Beauty & Sally Hansen Black Out

Have a great week!


Hello everyone! As 2013 is coming to a close, I wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to all of you and welcome to all my new followers! I hope you have been enjoying my posts. Keep your questions coming! :)

For this post I took one plaid flannel shirt (from Costco!!) and styled it two different ways.

The first look is more casual, definitely something I’d wear on a regular basis.

Outfit #1:

- Tank: Foreign Exchange

- Shorts: American Eagle

- Booties: Sam Edelman

- Sunglasses: Ray Ban

The second outfit is more night-friendly, but you could easily wear it during the day as well.

Outfit #2:

Tank: Foreign Exchange

Skirt: H&M

Boots: Donald J. Pliner

Necklace: ShopLately

Purse: Cotton On

That’s it! I hope you all have a happy new year! <3

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