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I know you're not much of a holiday person, but are there things about the season you do enjoy? Me, I hate Santa, commercialism, religious zealotry, most Christmas music and all TV specials. A lot of what people think of as "Christmas." But I still love decorating the house and tree, baking cookies, drinking eggnog & mulled cider with friends. So what are your secret holiday vices?

Does being friends with theisb count?

Bi/pansexual cis-dude, neuroatypical (ADHD, anxiety, etc) college freshman, and overexcitable comics trash, looking for other comics fans to talk shit about all sorts of fictional characters with.  I swear not to breach forms of trust under any circumstances.

(also: looking to perhaps strike up friendships with cool members of comics fandom community that I’ve admired the work of, but have rarely communicated with for reasons of happenstance [tumblr chat not working, fear of being bothersome and too idolizing, restraint over sending to many messages because of previous reasons, etc.]).

Chris Sims compares Superman antagonist Lex Luthor to Batman’s enemy The Joker to see which one he finds more psychologically interesting.

In other words, Zak Snyder doesn’t realize he’s Lex Luthor. … … what?

The Most Cromulent Thing I Read Today January 03, 2014

Chris Sims (aka Notorious I.S.B) is one of my favorite pop culture critics. He writes prodigiously about comics. His point of view is simultaneously devotional and irreverent. Another great read is his posting on Scooby Doo and Secular Humanism. I will likely be reposting a bunch of his stuff since he is one of my favorite internet writers.

What I really enjoy about this posting is how he is quickly able to make a simple press release into a critique of the Dreamworks oeuvre — especially the zinger about lopsided smirks. While I feel a little weird about copying the article entirely, it was too full of good jokes from the title on down.

DreamWorks Announces ‘DreamTab’ Device, Try Not To Be Alarmed That Shrek Now Has Another Way Into Your Home

by Chris Sims January 3, 2014 4:33 PM

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like we may all have to update our strategies for living lives mercifully free of Shrek:DreamWorks , the studio responsible for the increasingly flatulent ogre (and a host of other movies) is getting into the tablet game with an Android-powered “DreamTab” for the kids.

Kid-friendly tablets aren’t exactly a new idea — at least in terms of how long tablets have been around — but DreamWorks getting into the game presents some pretty interesting possibilities. According to Engadget , the $300ish device is set to be pre-loaded with content related to the studio for both entertainment and educational purposes, and for young fans of animation, that could lead to some encouraging programs that gave a nice foundation for art. Of course, as Engadget points out, it could also involve Shrek and his misshapen head popping up to tell you it’s time to turn the thing off, likely repulsing children and families away from technology forever and fostering a new generation of Luddites. Let the speculation begin!

We’ve batted around a few possibilities here at ComicsAlliance that seem pretty likely to happen. Senior Editor Caleb Goellner thinks that the whole thing is just designed as a stealth training system for future animators who will be recruited into the studio, like “that movie where the kid plays video games and he’s so good he graduates to leading an army against aliens. Like Ender’s Game but not pretentious. Wing Commander? [Senior Editor’s Note: I was thinking of The Last Starfighter, but my Freddie Prinze Jr.-wired brain confounded me again]” This marks the first, and possibly only, reference to Wing Commander in the year 2014, so please update your spreadsheets accordingly.

Personally, I have high hopes that sales on a new electronic tchotchke will fund the prodcution of a sequel to Rise of the Guardians that’s just about Pirate Santa Claus battling evil, but it’s far more realistic to just assume that there’s going to be an app that’ll add a lopsided smirk to every picture.

Either way, we can all rest assured that the DreamTab will be decent, but far less critically acclaimed than whatever new computer Pixar is planning to release.

Comics Alliance


Here is the first wave of the show posters I had done for the first eps of the War Rocket Ajax podcast, starring Eugene Ahn (Adam Warrock) and Chris Sims.  Including Matt Fraction, Jeff Parker, Jess Nevins, Matt WIlson, Mattew Bramble (TeamSmithy), Laura Hudson, Caitlin Kittridge and Benito Cereno

Apples: WHO KNEW

I was eating an apple and was wondering if anything so textured could really be healthy. Twitter schooled me but good???

@catiemonster Don’t you goddamn say one bad word about apples, Donelly. Appleclub rolls deep.

February 4, 2013

@catiemonster If all you ate was apples, you would be 9 feet tall and have superpowers.

February 4, 2013

@theisb @catiemonster You would hover and speak nine languages.

February 4, 2013

@kevin_church @catiemonster You would know the secrets, and the Secrets, and the Secrets of the Secrets.

February 4, 2013

@catiemonster @kevin_church If you eat two apples then you will know what people mean when they say the wrong word.

February 4, 2013

@catiemonster @kevin_church Also you’ll be able to jump, like, a little bit higher.

February 4, 2013

@theisb @kevin_church @catiemonster You would know the ancient paths where giants walked, and learn magic so old it’s spelled with a k.

February 4, 2013

@catiemonster Too many apples give you diarrhea. They have a lot of fiber and will mess you up!

February 4, 2013


@catiemonster apples keep you ⭐R⭐E⭐G⭐U⭐L⭐A⭐R⭐

— Tony Breed (@tonybreed)

February 4, 2013