Back when they were kids, Hide and Kaneki would never miss trick-or-treating. On one halloween night Hide suggested that they wear angel and devil themed costumes. Hide said it’ll fit him better if he was the devil and Kaneki was the angel. It took long for Kaneki to agree so Hide asked him if he didn’t want to. Kaneki was a bit skeptical but he said “I think being an angel suits you more because you’re always so kind.” 

so by the time they went trick-or-treating they were both in angel costumes and Hide’s amazingly red in the face and young Kaneki didn’t understand why back then


Shiromuras I’ve commissioned, bc…. nerd duo otp…..


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So I was tagged by the absolutely gorgeous this-is-not-my-fairytale (thanks a lot lovely 💜) for the 20 beautiful people challenge so here’s a picture of me with a flower crown that my friends made me at spirit day at my school, a picture of me clothes shopping bc I looked cute af and a no makeup selfie I took like ten minutes ago bc I needed another picture for this.
Most of my mutuals have already done this so I tag everyone who follow me and wants to do it and akashis-scissors deserving-a-tiara alwaysadisneyday disneyspolynesian freshprinceofmaldonia waltdisneywoah fjordlorde because you’re all beautiful (esp you Rick)