Let’s Play - GTA V - Lindsay’s Heist
The fans asked, and AH delivered with what is, in my opinion, One of the funniest and best heist videos yet!!


NEW VIDEO: “FUCK MARRY KILL" ft. Jim Chapman - reblog if you loved it, and I’m going to be stalking/following people who do! :]


"Some people will think that they see the ‘real’ GD and some will think that they see the fake GD. But how I feel nowadays tell me that I’ve always been myself and I was ‘real’ every moment of my life."



Attack on Titan Abridged - episode 1

this is the best thing i have ever seen

(make sure you are caught up on the entire anime)


So, I’ll probably have to post this again once the tag has settled down a bit, but I am making a very special MH music video (with this song) as a tribute to both the series and the fans.  That means you.

So what I need you guys to do, if you’re willing, is submit photos of yourself for me to use in the video.  Part of it will be footage from MH like a normal tribute video, but part of it will be a slideshow of pictures of the fans.

All I ask is that the photos clearly show that you’re a MH fan (holding your DVDs, wearing your t-shirts, or if you don’t have those, just make a sign that says “I love Marble Hornets” and hold it up or something).  If you have any pictures of yourself posing with Trosephim at conventions, I would love to use some of those as well.

I hope some of you will be willing to help me represent/pay tribute to this amazing community of ours!

EDIT:  To clarify, just submit a photo to my inbox if you want to participate.  No deadline, but sooner would be better, as I’ll just keep editing as I get photos and try to fit as many of you in there as I can.  Thanks, guys!

  • Dan:Hey phil, can you watch the video we made over to see if its okay?
  • Phil:Sure!
  • Phil:*Watches video*
  • Phil:*Sees that dan forgot to leave out the kiss*
  • Phil:*Doesn't tell dan*
  • Phil:Okay! I think it's one of our best videos yet!
  • Dan:Thanks phil. *kisses cheek*
  • Dan:*Uploads video*
  • ~One Hour Later~
  • Dan:*Goes on tumbler*
  • Dan:shit...

This is one of C&H best videos yet. Guys watch this!!