theinfamousz said:

I have to do a cosplay in October which requires body paint on my face, neck, arms, back, and stomach. A friend will be helping me and I'm using PAX paint, but because it's so sticky I can't really paint it all in one go. The meet up is really early, and I still need to put clothes on above it. How would I go about this process?

theinfamousz: Makeup should always be set with powder, I don’t believe PAX sells setting powder, but you can always use the Ben Nye translucent powder, or Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder

theinfamousz said:

What if ALL the clones need glasses and they either don't know it or are too stubborn to wear them?

i think it’s been stated in interviews that cosima basically needs them because she read too much thus degrading her eyesight 

but it’s possible! 

cosima can’t really see without glasses so i’m assuming it’s not just like she sees things slightly blurry far away or something so in any case hers is still worse than theirs

theinfamousz said:

Would you recommend your mesh corset?

If you really want a mesh corset and your budget is >$100, it’s a fine enough corset. If you have more to spend, I would say get a more expensive corset. It’s fine for the price that it is, but there are definitely better corsets out there.