the imperfection by sleep, dream on Flickr.

I think I am the kind of person who can often appreciate the imperfection in life. Well, I am quite easy to get upset. But then I always try to “look at the bright side”.

When shooting the impossible film, there are often some unexpected results. Sometimes part of the picture doesn’t get developed. Sometimes the colors are just weird. But I also think that’s something special and “organic” about it. The imperfection, the unexpected, the quirk.

The imperfection is part of the work. It’s the result of the process. It’s unique to the work. To get rid of the imperfection is to create another piece. But I bet the new piece will probably have a different imperfection.

Lucky for me, I often like the weird patch on my pictures.

bad by sleep, dream on Flickr.

Sometimes I am really confused about what’s bad and what’s good. It happens a lot when I look at the pictures I shot. Sometimes when I crop the pictures, I often wonder why did I made such bad composition. I mean I often dislike my pictures when I see them on the screen. I may then try to adjust the colors, contrast, cropping etc. I wish to see if these adjustments can make the pictures better.

Well after a lot of struggles, I often end with the original crop and some very slight adjustments. The images looks almost exactly the same as I scanned them. I still don’t know why do I have to force these hassles on myself every time.