Patron God: Cernunnos        Art By WIP “Lord of the Wilds.”

Cernunnos is the title of an ancient and forgotten God, the title Cernunnos translates roughtly to “The Stagged Horned God”. The Horned God is popularly believed to be a Celtic Deity when in fact he’s really a Welsh and Gaulish deity. He has been associated with Herne The Hunter (British) and Pan (Greek) and while those are also horned and nature affiliated, Cernunnos is first and foremost the god of the Underworld, then animals and the hunt, The Greek Pan is a Fertility god and of The Dance, he is also the Guardian of The Forest, And Herne is the god of animals and savage beasts. All 3 of these Horned gods have the 2 things in common that they are connected to nature and that they’re horned, yet there personalities are completely distinct for example Pan is chippery and virile while Cernunnos is rather Calm and Mellow. In modern day Neo-Paganism they’re broken The Horned God into 3 perspectives, the Oak King and the Holly King. The Oak king is his first halve as a young god at his strongest during the year from the time the Sun is out during most of the day to the time the days become and are darker most of the days and The Holly King claims his throne.