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Oh he definitely is!
That's probably one of my favorite shows, along with Jackass. I could watch that all day long!

Ditto! I have everything Bam has ever done. Excluding his skating videos; nobody is as interesting to watch skate as Bam is, so it’s like, forty minutes out of fifty of complete boredom.

But beyond that, everything. Haggard and Minghags and the Lost Tapes and everything.  All the video DVDs HIM has ever done, as well. And have you seen the Making Ofs for the videos he directed? If not you must. You will see his fangirldom so well. :D

He is the biggest groupie for Ville fangirl for the band who has ever lived. He does not fanboy; fanboys try to disavow their fandom, from what I’ve seen. Fangirls revel in it. He is a fangirl. :D

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Definitely :)

I used to call myself NaNa, when I was, probably five. I don't even know how I got that!

Some people have tried to call me Andy, and I don't like it either. I guess it's because the An part, I don't really like Ann.

Nice, have you ever been to the city? Oh and thanks for the music recommendation, btw.


I’ve sort of shortened my name to Anna before, but I hate Andy. Probably because it’s more often a guy’s name and I like to assert my femininity.

I have, actually. I saw HIM there last year, twice in a row. That’s the only time though; I’m a poor person who lives like, eight hours away.

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Hahaha! I wouldn't mind having a boy name, that's be kind of cool actually. She told me if I was a boy, I probably would've been an Andre. Ironic, right?

That's really cute - Rea. Most of the people I know just call me Ondge, or Ondie, or Dre.

Ooh, New York! What part?

I would have loved if I had been called Andie. The gender neutral names are my favorite. And yeah, ironic. :P

Thanks! It would have been cuter if people had ever called me that in my entire life. It would make more sense. The closest I ever came to that was my brother calling me Ray-Ray ‘cause he could not say my name when he was younger.

I hate being called Ange. There is no juh in my name. I really hope nobody ever calls me Dre. And since my name isn’t actually gender neutral, I actually really hate being called Andy. I kick people for it. XD

Western. Near Lake Erie, in a NOWHERE town. 

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My mom almost named me Adrianne...

I agree, my mom pronounces it On-dree-uh, which is how she wanted it pronounced, but I tell everyone to use the other pronunciation, I guess because most of the people on my dad's side pronounce it that way I just got so used to it.

So where are you from?

My mom named me Andrea because Andrew Charles was inappropriate for a girl. I like to think this gives me a kinship with Spiderbambi, but it also annoys me that I didn’t get to be called something like Adrianne. Something actually feminine instead of just a derivative.

I like On-dray-uh. That makes the prettiest imo. :) My mom actually named me so she could call me Rea (ray-uh) and never called me that ever.

I’m from New York. State, not city, lol. ;)