The Guard Your ID Stamp is one of those gadgets designed to keep personal information away from would-be thieves.  Unfortunately, printed documents can provide a treasure trove of information which could be concerning in the wrong hands. This is especially true of the mail that may identify account numbers, personal information and addresses.  Luckily though, Plus designed the Guard Your ID Stamp to help protect us from the unknown.  Learn more about this important gadget at The High-Tech Home!

The recent release of LeapPad 2 by Leap Frog has caught the attention of parents everywhere.  The newly updated tablet for children was released with some great updates to really enhance the experience for your kids.  The predictions we are hearing is that LeapPad 2 will be the hard-to-get Christmas gift of the year!  Not to worry though, we have checked and they have them in stock for now! If you are looking for our link to buy with, direct links are included at the bottom of our post.  Check it out!  Learn more, including how to get it, at The High-Tech Home!

The Power Strip Liberator is one of those genius ideas that serve such a logical purpose, you wonder how you ever lived without it.  Our readers have certainly dealt with the challenges of large adapters on a power strip.  They are constantly in the way and blocking more than one outlet.  Some power strips have aimed to counteract this by rotating the plug on the end but this is only for one.  Learn more about these simple but great addition for your gadgets in your High-Tech Home!

We had the opportunity to do our second podcast with Lazy Tech Guys this week.  It has been appropriately named “Lazy Tech Home” by the LTG team.  We love it!

This week we discussed:

-PayPal User Agreement Changes
-3M Streaming Projector with Roku
-iTwin for File Transfers

Video:  Lazy Tech Home

Audio:  Full Podcast show Lazy Tech Home and Lazy Tech Guys

Video:  Lazy Tech Guys Show “Microsoft Mile”

LTG continues to up their game in the tech world and now includes video podcasts.  A great chance to see the LTG team in action.  You can also see me act a bit goofy during our first ever video recorded podcast.  Thanks for taking time to watch the “Lazy Tech Home” and be sure to check out Lazy Tech Guys!

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Why Buy Roku?

If you are looking at media players, you are probably wondering if the Roku media player is right for you?  My family has done lots of hand-on research with media players.  How much?  Well, we own two Roku boxes, one Apple TV and a Vizio internet TV.  All offer great features, though in the end, the Roku media player is our favorite.  So, why buy the Roku media player?  Learn more about Roku at

This is the great iPod Nano watch band designed by iWatchz to turn your Nano into more than just another music player.  We found it on with 347 ratings and 4 stars.  Not too bad in the fickle world of customer reviews.

The iWatchz band has been designed to look great and maintain maximum functionality.  Stop by and see what is included for less then $20 at The High-Tech Home!

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