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"I-I think I can figure out how s-some of the things you do are done… unfortunately I-I wasn’t gifted with that much creativity, or observation skills, I get distracted rather easily…"



Real Life Tarot ~ The High Priestess

Tapping into my intuition and helping out a friend.

Had such a fun tarot night with my girls last summer, lots of readings took place along with plenty of chitchat!

I’ve pulled cards for friends and family at home, in pubs, in restaurants, in cafés… The cards don’t mind, and neither do I!

Intuition can thrive in all sorts of venues and locations, and I always enjoy putting on my High Priestess hat in order to help others reflect, reach a place of clarity and develop a sense of empowerment.


Such gratitude. My heart bursts forth with welcome wishes for this. I see and know that this is the time of The High Priestess. Now is the time to embrace the mystery as a beloved friend - no more fighting@- only surrender and calm and welcome. The power of the night, the unseen and the deep within always shines out from within so brightly. I carry the torch with a happy and reverent heart.
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Ask limit. Gotta love it. But yeah, I mean, I’d be worried they’d screw it up as bad as they screwed up Resident Evil. If they do make a part two it better be called ‘now you don’t’, just saying.

Card 1, Situation: As you Align yourself with the Universe you get in touch with your True Purpose and Self. Stillness rather than activity is important today, let your unconscious energies surface, Explore them. Trust your Intuition, your still Inner Voice, it speaks with Wisdom. Lead others in a way so that they find their Selfs, rather than directing them. Utilise your feminine energy to achieve Balanced Observation in all your undertakings today. Let Love guide you.
Card 2, Don’t do: Don’t let illusions and obstacles obstruct clarity in goals of emotional security. Envision Possibilities and Opportunities, allow your Love and Inner Voice to guide you towards creative visualisation. Don’t let the material plane and possessions distract you. Look Within.
Card 3, Do: As old inner structures collapse, Clarity is brought about. A new affirmation of Self Worth and Self Love arises. True time is Spiral and so a Seed Planted nine years or longer ago returns, it was also present nine months ago as well as nine days ago. Identify it and make it Real. Through the Love in your Heart you can Manifest the Paradise you’ve Envisioned. Higher Truth is attainable, just walk through the Gate of the Sanctuary with Love in your Heart.
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The cards call me to go deeper still. On the last new moon I did some powerful magick, surrendering my need to control and plunging into the unknown. My shadow material is coming to the surface, in my nighttime dreams and daytime challenges, and I am integrating it. Today the spell candle burned down and the corresponding card was the High Priestess. The descent has only just begun. Transformation is at hand. #witch #altar #tarotreading #tarot #thehighpriestess #magick #shadowmaterial

"The High Priestess is also known as Persephone, Isis, the Corn Maiden and Artemis. She sits at the gate before the great Mystery, as indicated by the Tree of Life in the background. She sits between the darkness and the light, which suggests it is she who is the mediator of the passage into the depth of reality. The High Priestess represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding." 🌒🌕🌘

Daily Card 17th October

High Priestess

Something has just not gone the Way you planned for this weekend or something is about to change. This change happens in the most harmonious way possible. Do not allow yourself to play manipulative tactics with someone else, it simple is just not worth it. There is a majestic flow to the day, especially when the night comes. As the #night arrives, start to really take in the #energy of your fascinating subconscious power. You will realise that you needed some space and this was given to you, so you can plan and implement all the wonderful things you are heading towards.

For tomorrow night I bid you adieu and goodnight. For it certainly shall be a good and peaceful night.

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