Interfector Aftermath - Michelle, Reinette, Dawn || Closed

The Doctor walked down the corridor of the TARDIS slowly, his thoughts were still jumbled and not organized in his mind at all. It had been several hours after the death of his parallel self. He’d burned the body and watched in silence and disbelief as his close friend who he’d considered a brother disappear forever. He really had been gone… he wasn’t picking up any sign of life through his mind link.

It had also been a good while after Reinette had given birth. It was all very heartbreaking knowing death had been so present just before such a miracle had taken place.. Maybe if they were all lucky, the baby would help in healing Reinette somehow.. perhaps it was wishful thinking on his part..

He sucked in a breath and stopped suddenly, his thoughts coming to a halt as he reached Michelle’s room. He stared blankly at the closed door for several moments. What was he going to say when he went in there? He didn’t even know.. He didn’t know what he was going to say to any of them after everything that had happened….

Raising his hand slowly, he knocked on the door firmly, “Michelle… It’s me. May I come in?” 

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The Doctor gripped Dawn’s wrist, eyes widening and twinkling with fear. “Stay,” he begged, voice raspy with the sickness that had so quickly fallen him. “Please?”

The air outside was anything else but comfortable. However, Rose braced herself against the wind that ruffled her blonde hair. She knew what she was doing and why and not the most terrible and damnable weather could be able to discourage her. She just wrapped her coat tighter around her body and took a deep breath, ignoring that the air was hurting her throat.

She came closer to her destination allthough she could only pick up the silhouettes of the bulding she was heading for. When she stood in front of the door she became insecure again. She had really been certain that she wanted to do that. That she needed to do that. Nevertheless she had no idea how the yound woman she attended to visit would react on her. They had never met and she might not even have heard her name before. Rose pulled herself up and then rang the doorbell. She had come too close, she had done too much to give it all up now. She had even broken the rules of interuniversal travel. There was no way back now.

Doctor - Dawn - Interfector - Batmoran and my mind

ooc: When I drove to school this morning a plot suddenly appeared in my head. The last thing I read before getting into the car was that the Doctor said to Dawn that after the Teacher had helped him to free himself from his guilt over the loss of Gallifrey, he now feels that she, Dawn, is his home.

And then my mind started working:

The Interfector kills Dawn because he just knows he has to do it (see why later). The Doctor can’t bear to loose ‘home’ again. He freaks out completely. Batmoran (well, yeah after all it’s MY plot) can’t really help him. She’s just not her father. She tries but instead of comforting him she only turns the sadness and despair into rage and hate (which is not really such a big problem for her). They get into another all to physical fight and the Doctor takes his pain out on her. She defends herself, stabs him eventually. He regenerates in the middle of feeling nothing but pain, rage and hate. When the regeneration is over the Interfector is born. Batmoran just runs away. After some years of self-loathing (because after all she did help to create the Interfector…) she searches him and asks him to kill her. For her, it’s the only possible redemption: Die a horrible death by the hands of the monster she helped to create.

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Every Hand's a Winner; Every Hand's a Loser

The Doctor set the TARDIS into motion with a wild grin, beaming across the console at Dawn. They’d finally decided to get moving again, on their way to the casino space station he’d promised her. With a twist of a dial and a flip of a lever, the TARDIS set off into the Vortex, bringing them semi-roughly to land on the Vega Station.

He glanced at one of the screens, then toward the door with a raised eyebrow. “Ready?” he asked Dawn, a twinkle in his eyes.

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Rose would have laughed.

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The Interfector. It's crazy and twisted, I know... but he's all I could think of that was powerful enough to help. Then again, your mingling post might have soiled my theory. And it would take much persuading to get him into it.

No. I very strongly want to keep the Interfector story lines separate from Kyrian. Dawn and the Interfector are on one side of the scale. Kyrian, Anna, Mora, and the Corsair are somewhere else entirely. And there’s one more person, in the second verse with Mora and the lot, whom the Doctor could turn to. In this verse, the Doctor has been possessed by Darkness, a creature that used to reside in Loki (whom second verse Doctor agreed to help and has slowly fallen in love with, another reason I want to keep Dawn and the Interfector separate from Kyrian’s world). If the Doctor lets Darkness have control, and seeks out Loki as back up, through sheer violence and malevolence alone, he may stand a chance against Kyrian… At the risk of losing himself to the Darkness, that is. But at this point, with both his daughters in danger (Mora and the child Corsair is pregnant with), he’d risk it.
BY THE WAY, DAWN, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, THAT DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T WANT YOU RPING WITH KYRIAN. It just means MY Doctor and his VERSION of Dawn… Please, no. I didn’t realize until yesterday how entirely connected I am to my Doctor. He’s so weak right now, and mingling the verses to take DAWN from the version of him that’s… actually relatively happy? Might make ME break.

Guys! I’m at work. I can’t post much. But I do NOT want to mingle verses. I’m sorry, but I can’t take Dawn being taken to. Not at the same time as Mora. I can’t mingle my Loki and Dawn story lines either. Not to mention, it’s a strain on me, emotionally, dealing with Interfector in one verse and Kyrian in another. Please don’t put MY Dawn and MY Doctor through that.

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Dawn was slightly startled a bit by this, making her jump very lightly. She gasped as images began to flood her mind, definitely not of her own accord. They were... They were from his mind? Her body slowly relaxed at the new sensation, her eyes falling closed and her mouth half agape in amazement. It was so easy to forget the Doctor wasn't human. That this was one of his abilities. And he was sharing something special. "I..." Dawn began before trailing off, too mesmerized by it all to continue.

After a moment, he spoke, voice soft and dropped to a near whisper. “This is my home. Gallifrey. The planet I… I was born on and the planet I had to destroy, to save the universe. Locked it away in time and it can never grow, never prosper again.” He cleared his throat softly. “For the longest time, I harbored the worst guilt over this. I blamed myself and wouldn’t listen to anyone when they tried to ease that part of my mind. But… I met the Teacher. And he brought me back there, taught me how to forgive myself. And in doing so, I think… something else happened.” His brow furrowed in thought.

"That world that I once thought of as my home no longer is the first vision in my head when I think or say that word. Home… makes me think of you." He let his hands fall from her temples, gently breaking the connection and stepping back. He looked at her, with a small smile on his lips. "You’re home to me, Dawn. And… I don’t know when it happened, but I can’t remember a time I was more happy than when I’m with you." He ducked his head a bit. "I-I wanted you to know that."

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Dawn didn't know what to do. It was the first time he'd pulled himself out of her grasp like that. It... It hurt. It hurt so much for him to pull away like that. For him to reject her touch that she tried her best to make comforting. She felt frozen, tears streaming down her face unnoticed. What could she do? "Doctor..." She finally choked out, approaching him slowly and crouching down to him. She gently placed a hand on him, "I... Please, Doctor... You won't... Can't..."

He looked up at her when her hand touched him, eyes shining with tears. He struggled to keep down another sob when he looked at her face, seeing the tears there. Tears he’d put there. He stared at her for a long moment, unable to move, not breathing, not blinking. He just watched her, memorizing her. This pain he’d caused, would undoubtedly continue to cause as he fell further in as the Interfector.

Suddenly, taking a deep and shaking breath in, he shut his eyes and hung his head. No. He’d been happy just moments ago. He’d been able to see the light. Because of Dawn, he knew it was possible to avoid becoming that man that would harm her. He knew he could fight it if he had her there. But if he pushed her away, then…

He looked up, gently resting a hand over her own on him. “I’m sorry,” he murmured, voice weak and rasping. “I’m so sorry.”

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Dawn gently ran a hand through his hair, pressing her body closer into his. She tried to let go of everything that had just happened, what had happened with the Interfector to bring them to this point. She found she could, her lips so comfortably pressed to his. Carefully, Dawn recaptured his lips, lightly sucking on his bottom lip.

The Doctor hummed against Dawn’s mouth, testing the waters and running his tongue along her lips. He ran a hand up her side, fingers dragging and catching against the fabric of her shirt, and up around to rest against her shoulder blade to aide in pulling her as close as they could be.

And with that closeness, finally, came peace of mind. He would never become the Interfector. He knew that now. He had love and he had hope, and those would never die within him. No matter how aggravated he became, how enraged, he had this.

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Dawn took a slow, deep breath, looking up to him with remorse at her previous request, "Then take away the memories... If anything, please..."

He managed a few shaky, but considerably steadier than before, breaths before he nodded. “I can do that,” he told her softly. “I will do that.” He moved to where she was and knelt in front of her, hands moving to her temples, though slowly out of fear she’ll push away from him again.

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Her eyes never waver from his as she speaks, "Because I don't want to keep going like this. Doctor, what the Interfector did... It's done nothing but stay with me. Haunting me. I don't want it anymore, but I'm too scared to take my own life. Please..." She slowly dropped to her knees, looking down. "Please just kill me," she mumbled.

He shook his head, lips trembling as he moved to her, dropping to his knees next to her. “Dawn, I-” He cleared his throat, steeling his expression and forcing himself to not appear so distraught, to seem strong. “There are other ways,” he told her softly, reaching out and touching her shoulder. “I have- I mean-” His voice failed him for a moment; he had to clear his throat again. “I can take those memories from you,” he said finally. “But I can’t take your life.”