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For #WCW I just wanted to show my friend and client @theyogabeastblog some love! She has battled a lot in her life and look what she was still able to accomplish! You can too! Check out my website for great free fitness information and program options as well! Sign up for my free newsletter and get great free fitness tips and recipes every week! Just Click the link in my bio. Have an awesome day! #fitspo #motivation #muscle #fitness #weightloss #fatloss #thegym #thegymatcitycreek #thegymatstationpark #citycreek #citycreekcenter #farmingtonstation #stationpark #shredded #ripped #diet #dedication #NoFilter #weightlosstransformation #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #girlswithmuscles #traininsaneorremainthesame #gymbabes #athleete by thefitbeast


Utah personal training testimonials for Elite (my personal training company)


Here are a few ways to utilize the incline on a treadmill to maximize your results! The incline that I am on is 30% grade but you can work your way up to it! #thegymatstationpark #thegymatcitycreek #thegym #fitness #motivation #weightloss #calorieburn #fitfam #utah #personaltraining #personaltrainer

Use Fitness to Transform Your Life

Many people want to look and feel good about themselves. I personally think that by exercising and taking care of yourself, it is one of the best ways to accomplish that goal. By exercising consistently it will increase your body’s endorphins which is the body’s natural way of making you feel good.

The picture above is one of my clients that I train. His goal is to put on more muscle on his body. He is doing a phenomenal job and as his trainer I know how hard he pushes himself each and every day. I can notice a tremendous difference in how positive he feels and that translates into other aspects of his life.

Set time aside to take care of yourself because you deserve it. What is your fitness goal?

Here I am with a winner of a contest I held and she won a free copy of my book and a gift card. This picture reminds me that if you want to accomplish a goal to go after it 100% I remember writing this book every single day after work and then finishing it in the back seat of my parents car on a “vacation” just to meet the publishing deadline. Writing a book is not an easy process but I learned a lot from it! The biggest lesson I learned from it was to not be afraid to put myself out there and chase my dreams. #bodyfit #fitness #exercise #motivation #thegymatcitycreek #thegymatstationpark #thegym #author


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