A verse from theGreyEra song Commitment Issues-written by 'frei aka TooManyNames

From Mic Checks to Sound Checks
To tryin to get a Pay Check
Sony Walkmans that use to play cassettes
That’s right after 8 Tracks before CDs
Record Labels ain’t no about a MP3
Now Emcees don’t need deals when Big Companies wanna piece of your brand so they can make more money
Ain’t it funny how we use to say no biting allow
Now a days if you don’t bite how do u expect to chow
And everybody gota eat get your vitamins and nutritions
We all for one but we ain’t all Nubian
Some got division were they need to add on
And some that got theirs off refuse to put others on
Its ok I guess its survival of the fittest
Either you is or ain’t built for this
Dig it..
My duty be to manifest the thoughts I receive
Its all a pre-reality my mind conceive
With a tailor made cut from the collar to the sleeve
Looking good laying over my fresh white tee
If I say so myself and I’m sure you’ll agree and like the best things in life its all FREE like frei

Lyrics from theGreyEra -A Long Time Gone a remake of Hugh Maskela's original featuring Tai Allen

2nd Verse: I do it with class a little sag in my denim but I ain’t showing my ass I think fast like running on empty Make moves like the Temptations in this music but please don’t tempt me That’s like playing with a loaded gun known its off safety And I don’t see nothing wrong with Young Money But everybody knows Old Money is what they call wealthy So its only wise to invest your money ya feel me? I do it for the more mature For the world travelers who love to explore Men who know the difference between ladies and whores And women wearing the proper outfit on the floor Its for the Avant Yard 59 Franklin Survivals Sounds in the place steady banging Knitting Factory bounce over to Tramps Seeing my favorite artists back then got me amp I’m talkin Black Lilies, Wet Lands I remember this one time up the dance where I shared a bag of chips with Questluv from the Roots Band Damn its these moments in mind When I think back to it Its been such a long time 3rd Verse: Its for my Eye to eye folks with similar ways Surviving now a days with the arts that pay And some cut corners in order to look good But I ain’t judge or pointing the finger let it be understood I’m just observing, analyzing the scene And I been doin the same since I was teen Learn to walk that line as fine as it can be And you ain’t gota keep it real when u live in reality There just comes a time when the truth is evident And in the that moment you can’t say it isn’t Some things in the past you can’t help to miss it But I live in the present Its just the elephant in me that remembers time when black kids like me didn’t think of having a black president So relevant now to live out your dreams And stay diligent - if you know I mean Shout Out to the County of Kings and all the queens with the mind lookin so right in ya jeans I mean we might seen each other a few days ago but it still feels like its been such a long time..