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Mako walking in on Korra dancing. Very well.

He was glued to the spot, stunned as he watched her dance in mostly empty club. It was late enough that the dance floor was practically deserted. He’d walked away for five minutes to pay their tab, and Korra slipped away to get one more dance in, even if it was by herself.

Her hips swayed from side to side as she closed her eyes and drank in the music. Those hips simply hypnotized him and it wasn’t until Bolin sidled up to him, waggling his eyebrows, and said. “Soooo. Korra looks like she’s having fun.”

Mako shook himself, glared at his little brother, and said, ” Oh shut up.”

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Good God, what is with people bashing with how a cosplayer looks like? If they're having fun and they love the character they're cosplaying as, LEAVE THEM BE!!! I greatly respect if they can pull of the character's personality and the outfit. I don't care if they don't have the same skin tone as the original. No one can literally BECOME the character... And I'll still follow you no matter what. I stand by your stance on this issue.

this^^ also thank you, i appreciate the support!

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the podium . so they’re near a microphone.

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the fire lord’s throne

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Tenzin’s air bison… Amon’s Office…

bench at Downtown Station

  1. thegreatestearthbender said: What happened to your sewing machine????

<3WW: I was working on the Black Star hoodie, and halfway through the zipper I heard a *thunk* and it stopped advancing (pulling the fabric through)

I don’t know if I wore something down in the machine, or if my walking foot stopped working :<

So she’s with Greg, my mechanic, at the sewing machine hospital. 

I never knew how much I relied on her…

I feel so strangely empty…

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You should set up a meetup at AX! I can send you map of LACC's layout if you want. ;3

waahhhh i’d feel so silly setting up a meetup for just silly old me >_____< especially way out in the west coast scene where nobody knows me and i’ll be so lost in the sea of amazing west coast people @_____@ but i guess if people show interest in it i’ll try to set one up when it gets closer??? maybe i can get another cosplayer to do it with me ahaha this is so strange!

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OH COOL!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO AX TOO!!!! Are you cosplaying?

Hell yeah!! I’m going Saturday and Sunday c:  I’m going to be Hanji Zoe from SNK.

When I get a chance to work more on my cosplay, I’ll post pics so you can say hi if you see me at AX :p

Hopefully, if I have even more time, I’m going to make an SNK bag(probably something with Levi’s face huhuhu), and you’ll know it’s me.

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Haha, I just saw the reblog you did for asks. And here's your ask: I was just wondering... How old are you? (if you don't mind me asking)

i’m 19 in a few days :) LEGAL TO GO DRINK ACROSS THE BORDER IN CANADA WOOOOO but i’ll probably just end up having a cosplay party with the girls and work on sailor scouts 8D wooooo party hardy

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What are your dream conventions that you wish to go to? And would you go to Anime Expo? (since that's the closest to me. ;3)

san diego comic cooonnn *A* but uugghhh i guess something that would be a little more reasonable…katsucon, maybe fanime. i doubt i would go to expo, i saw pictures from this year and it just looked TOO crowded and not any fun. it’s too far away for it to be worth it O___O