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The Graduate Sessions: The Prototype


The Prototype

“The Prototype” was never expected to make it onto the album, but in the end I think it definitely earned it’s keep as a quick interlude track. I basically began writing this song in attempt to motivate myself to stay on track with the direction I was going with the rest of the album lyrically. In my head I kept telling myself to stray away from popular music and just make the music I want to make regardless of who is listening. I didn’t want to be compared or contrasted to any other artist. I wanted to be Mike Neuse, the prototype.

I came up with the chorus after seeing the rapid growth of independent artists and how much they all replicate each other. I wanted something that represented those weaknesses we all have inside while also remaining positive. At the same time, I really wanted to drive home the fact that you should never strive to find yourself, but to simply be yourself. I found that most people who “find themselves” often do it not by searching within themselves, but by searching within the others. That’s where the first line comes from: “You can try, but you won’t find yourself in someone else/ You’re better off a prototype”.

Now, finding a vocalist for the hook was once again a bitch and a half. I had contacted two people specifically whom I thought would be perfect for the project. One of the artists wasn’t interested and respectfully declined. The other artist showed enthusiasm to set up a date and record the vocals. The date came and they never showed. I tried calling them and they never answered. My first instinct was to be pissed, but I bounced back and moved forward. While venting my frustration, Kelly offered to record the vocals and I was very pleased with the outcome and ended my search for a singer.

Recording my vocals for this track was a breeze and went smoothly. I eliminated the 2nd and 3rd verses in pre-production because I felt they were just beating a dead horse and didn’t really help the purpose of the song much. Hence why I was hesitant to include a 1 verse single on the final tracklisting, but luckily it worked and provided a nice break from the heavier stuff it’s sandwiched between.

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