theghosttinside asked:


thank you boo <3

N- Name only SIX bands you’d put on a dream tour of your choice

hit the lights, we are the in crowd, mayday parade, all time low, paramore, fall out boy 

S- Favorite music “fest” (Warped,Mayhem,Bamboozle,Lolapalooza,etc)

definitely have to go with riot fest (more chicago) for this one. the lineup is incredible.

A- 5 bands I LOVE

this is hard ahhhh all time low, fall out boy, one direction (can they count as a band omg), watic, mayday wooo 

theghosttinside asked:

f q u

F- Band that you like that a lot of people don’t

  • a lot of people like yellowcard but i feel as if no one truly feels what i feel about them

K- Favorite Record Label

  • hopeless records 

U- Moshing at concerts? Yes or no?

  • not so much the “moshing” but i dont really stay still either!!


thank u darling :**