thegenuinebeauty asked:

PHOTOSET REQUEST: Cause you know I am obssessed with them. Christine and Meg backstage (Like that picture of Cat Lane and Claire Lyon) thank you :)

I shall see what I can do!

I think I have a few in my archives, and I seem to remember a lot of them being Hannibal ones…

thegenuinebeauty asked:

I have some more POTO photoset requests, I hope you like them. Degas ballerinas (backstage or onstage, if you find any backstage photos of Degas can you post them????? PLEASSSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Meg as Gypsy in Don Juan (backstage or onstage) and Daisy Maywood as Meg in 25th anniversary (backstage or onstage, I am in desperate need of some Daisy Maywood pictures backstage, if you have some please post) THANKS ;)

I can do that!!

Can’t guarantee that they’ll be super rare or anything, but I’ll do a backstage and an onstage Degas one, *possibly* only backstage Meg Gypsy because I only have about five that are onstage, and the rest of them are when the costume’s hanging on a rack. 

Sadly, the only ones I have of Daisy are from operafantomet’s site.

thegenuinebeauty asked:

OMG you're making the Degas Tutu??????? I am literally fangirling right now. UGH I wish I had money. BOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO


I’m glad you’re excited as I am. That costume is the cutest little thing. As far as gathering precise materials, it’s definitely one of the easier costumes to do it for, so you can always hit me up if you really want one in the future!

In the meantime, I’ll be posting updates here.