BTW, I updated my PERSONAL TUMBLOG at the behest of my “publicity director”, so it now has some links which are *ahem* useful in telling you stuff about me (assuming that’s stuff you want to know).

Also, please follow it. I promise I’ll post weird and probably embarrassing stuff from my writing archives for your enjoyment and perusal.


So, I figured my podcast should have a permanent place to live online because I don’t want my podcast to be homeless. That would be sad. Hey, remember that band Old Skull? They were a bunch of 9 or 10-year-old kids that formed a punk band in the late ’80s who had a song called ‘Homeless’. It was pretty great.

Anyway, hi! If you made it here but don’t know anything about me, my name is Chris Eng. I write punk romance fiction and live in Canada. There’s stuff about me over at TheG33K, my writing is online at HoodieRipper, and my most random of reblogs are available for perusing at G33Kery.

Thanks for visiting!


theg33k replied to your post: Comics/trades I want to read/get

Daredevil: Man Without Fear is a much better original story. It is, I would actually say, one of the best Marvel origin stories. And Priest’s Black Panther is fantastic, but I think they only collected 3 trades of it.

The reason Man Without Fear isn’t on the list is because I bought the first “Ultimate Collection” volume yesterday :)  And the lady behind the counter at Golden Age commended me on it, too!


theg33k replied to your post: comicks

Yeah, Greg Land is a hack who traces everything directly from other stuff. Type ‘greg land swipe file’ into google and you’ll get a sense of it pretty quick.

That’s a bummer!  I like the Iron Man I’m reading right now so much, I want to read something monthly (and I hate most Ultimate stuff except Miles Morales).  Oh well — thanks for the info!