Name: Luke Robert Hemmings.

D.O.B: 16/07/1996 (aged 18).

I.D No: 587956.

Height: 6”2

Crime(s): Theft.

Details of Crime(s): The accused attempted to steal a $3,400 necklace from Tiffany & Co. This is his seconds time offending but the first time he has tried to steal anything of substantial value.

Conviction: Luke Hemmings will be fined $950 and ordered to complete 60 hours of Community Service. He is banned from the premises and a breaking of this ban will result in a trespassing conviction against his name. Also a third re-offense could result in Mr Hemmings serving 6 months to a years imprisonment.

Ya'll know why little richard sang so fast?

when he first started he’d put a song out and the white radio stations would get their own singers to sing the song in the style they wanted (like kidsBop but on every radio station ). well little richard was like “well i don’t like that…what if i make it so hard to sing they cant imitate it.” he became so fast that if you wanted to hear a song by Little Richard Then you had to listen to Little Richard.


This is kind of a long story but if you’re part of the cosplay community and especially if you buy costumes online, this is important for you.

I first got in touch with Wollstone Crafts, run soley by one woman named Amber Gleason, on She advertised that she made high end costumes. Her shop was really new at this point but from what I could see she had a couple of good reviews with photographic evidence of items received, so I decided to have a costume made with her.

Amber does not take paypal as payment, she only accepts checks and money orders, which is understandable because of paypal’s fees and their reputation for randomly freezing funds. However this is what is has fucked me and will probably fuck you too.

I got in touch to have a costume made in November of 2013. We agreed prior to purchase and payment that the costume would be done by late March of 2014, so that it would have just enough time to arrive and be tested for my convention in mid-April. This was accepted by Amber who assured me the time frame was perfect and added the deadline to the transaction description, viewable here. The purchase in total was 780 dollars. It is now September 2014. I don’t have my costume, and Amber has not responded to my messages for over 3 months.

Not only is my costume SIX MONTHS overdue on top of its 4 month construction period, but Amber’s communication skills are so awful that when she WAS keeping in touch, I barely ever knew what was going on or how much progress had been made. I asked on 3 different occasions for pictures of progress, she ignored all 3. She takes WEEKS at a time to respond to questions, and she frequently LIED to me.I cannot count how many times I had her give me a date she promised the costume would go out, or a date that she planed on getting in touch with me in greater detail, and nothing would end up happening. She does not even take a moment to explain to you what went wrong with the prior date, she just gets back in touch another few weeks later and supplies you a new date that will also never be met. I have had at least a dozen promises broken, unexaggerated, and the progress on my order changes seemingly at random from “Just one or two stitches away!” to “DELAYED”.

I am not the only one having issues with her. I have gone onto her facebook page to try to speak with her only to see comments and posts from other customers complaining about their situations, all strikingly similar to mine; that their orders are overdue and their messages are being ignored. The angriest commenters get deleted from the page, but these are some that stayed up for whatever reason:

However what I previously assumed to just be very poor customer service, has recently turned into suspicions of theft and fraud. Along the course of the July month I began messaging Amber very bluntly, saying I needed my costume to be sent out promptly. This was mainly fueled by the fact that she kept telling me she was “too overloaded” with previous orders that were backed up, and yet I saw her advertising that she was still willing to take on new orders, as well as working on other personal projects despite mine being as late as it was. I felt I had waited long enough and suffered from extremely poor service, so I messaged her a total of 5 times along the entire month of July telling her I needed the costume sent out then or not at all. None of my messages were responded to, despite Amber apparently having enough free time to post memes and youtube videos on her shop’s facebook wall.

On August 3rd I made a post publicly on her wall, reminding her of the 4 months the costume was overdue by that point and asking her why I was being ignored, hoping that a little public embarrassment would force her to finally acknowledge me. I was extremely civil and the post broke no facebook rules, and yet I woke up the next morning to find my post deleted, my account blocked from further posting, and my messages STILL unresponded too. Her etsy shop has also since then been deleted.

In the meantime three people and counting on facebook have gotten in touch with me directly over private message, saying they saw my post and that they are all in the exact same position and have given up hope of ever seeing their money or their orders. One girl in particular has an order even more overdue than mine. Here are some snippets of what she sent to me:

To reaffirm: Amber has not sent me a single word on my nearly thousand dollar order in over 3 months.

I now have to get in touch with the police and my bank to find a way to get my money back, but I doubt I will ever see my money again or my order. I got in touch with Amber telling her I was going to the police, she did not respond. I also got in touch with her before making this post, she still has not responded. I have a lot of evidence on my side, including my money order receipt, transaction record and numerous chat logs, but Amber lives in another country, has deleted her etsy shop, and I keep finding multiple different addresses and names for her so I have no idea where she even lives for sure. Amber Gleason took my money and ran, she’s probably going to get away with it and the worst part is she continues to operate online and continuously lures in more people.

Do yourselves a huge favor, avoid Wollstone Crafts and Amber Gleason like the plague and please signal boost this. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through the awful anxiety and disappointment she has caused me.

Amber Gleason also goes by the names Amber Kusanagi, and Amber Edia, however I believe Gleason to be her legal name since it was who the money order was written to.

Wollstone Crafts also sometimes goes by “Alchemic Devotion” or “Runaway Couture”. She also has multiple different addresses in California, in the San Diego area. She clearly goes by different names, addresses, and appearances, so if you’re ordering from the San Diego area PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL!

This is her shops facebook page

This is her personal facebook that was recently sent to me by another angry customer, because to both of our shock and disgust it has been regularly updated during our attempts to message her.


Mmm, art theft

So I found this, uh, interesting specimen on sale today on Qwertee


It’s traced off an image I drew back in 2004 and appears to have been vandalized by a kindergartner in the process. (I’m actually really amazed that people are still plagiarizing this old thing after so long!)


I contacted the site over several obvious channels, but I have a feeling they’re not going to ‘notice’ my comments until their sales are all safely completed tomorrow.

Normally I don’t make a fuss about people plagiarizing my Pokemon drawings (much less ten-year-old ones) since it’s just silly fanart that I don’t own the copyrights to anyway. But I’m posting about this incident because sites like Qwertee really rub me the wrong way. For those not familiar, Qwertee is one of many t-shirt design sites that allow users to submit potential designs to be voted on. Then, every 24 hours, they swap out their stock and sell a new batch of designs. (So if you’re seeing this post after July 9th, the stolen design will probably no longer be on the front page.)

Why only 24 hours? Well, there are limitless benefits to this kind of setup: a huge influx of free unpaid labor (Qwertee pays its winners better than most, but only the winners—their ‘contest’ business model gives them a huge pool of free designs to pick from without having to compensate the majority of the artists who contributed their efforts), fresh new designs to profit off every day so the stock doesn’t get old, and, most importantly, the ability to get away with blatant copyright infringement and plagiarism—since they have such a small sell window, any stolen designs are already safely sold and off the market by the time people/companies notice and send in complaints. I find it incredibly opportunistic and incredibly skeevy.

So there you have it. Qwertee, supporting unpaid artist labor, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. Normally, I’d say “blame the art thief, not the website,” but in my opinion these kinds of websites deserve every bit of scorn they can get.

Edit: this story had a happy ending. See here for what transpired.


UPDATE: Fairyland and Cerberus Project have responded!

Good job, Fairyland! You’re totally setting a standard for your fans and fans of recasts to follow! /s

Pic 1 from Steampunk Tendencies page:

Pic of doll from:

Pic 2 from the artist’s flickr:

If FL wants to stick up for artist’s rights then they need to set a better example.


The worst part about the Tumblr shoplifting community is that they try to hide behind a legitimate disorder...

And it’s a disorder that zero of them have. Hear that, Tumblr Shoplifting Community? Zero of you have Kleptomania. This sort of thing is nothing new — people have been trying to pretend they have Kleptomania in order to justify stealing for as long as the idea of Kleptomania has been around. Back then, it was a shitty way for affluent people to get out of admitting wrongdoing when they got caught stealing. Nothing’s changed in that regard, and people are now wearing their fake kleptomania like people do with other disorders, saying it makes them ‘quirky’ or whatever. They give themselves cute little names like kleptokitten.

But it’s not Kleptomania. Kleptomania doesn’t just mean “likes to steal shit”. Some people still don’t even think that Kleptomania is a real thing, but we’ll side with the folks who say that it is. Let’s take a look at part of an actual definition of Kleptomania, from this paper which has collected several of them from the 1800’s to the present millennium:

The essential feature of Kleptomania is the recurrent failure to resist impulses to steal items even though the items are not needed for personal use or for their monetary value. (…) The objects are stolen despite the fact that they are of little use to the individual, who could have afforded to pay for them, and often gives away or discards them. Occasionally the individual may hoard the hidden objects…. Individuals with Kleptomania… are aware that the act is wrong and senseless.

There are two things in common with just about every definition of Kleptomania you’ll find:

1. The people committing the acts often steal anything they can, including items that have no real value to them, and rarely actually make use of their stolen items. The impulse never goes away, and can often strike anywhere.

2. The people committing the acts are often ashamed and try to hide their compulsion because they know that their theft is wrong. Kleptomania is often, for that reason, linked with extreme stress, depression, alcoholism and other mental disorders.

These little snowflakes clearly don’t fit into the first part of the definition. Picking and choosing the stores they steal from and taking a haul that they carefully selected beforehand isn’t kleptomania. An actual Kleptomaniac wouldn’t walk into Walmart and walk out with three of their favorite t-shirts and a bunch of their favorite foods. Their haul would look more like a candlestick, a pair of boxer shorts that aren’t actually their size, and two bananas. They have a compulsion to steal whatever they can get their hands on, and it very rarely is something they wanted going in. They wouldn’t go for the most expensive stuff they could find, and they wouldn’t have a shopping shoplifting list.

They don’t fit the second part of the definition either, and you can see that by all of them having a ‘community’ in the first place. They have no shame, they wear their shoplifting as a badge of honor, and they gleefully tell each other about the ‘hauls’ they managed to accomplish that particular day, and chat about what they hope to grab next time out. Adding ‘oh, but this darn kleptomania!’ at the end doesn’t make any of it excusable.

Just come out and admit it, Tumblr Shoplifting Community. Admit that you’re thieves and lawbreakers. Admit that you’re folks who care more about obtaining goods without working for them than you care about the people who lose jobs because of you. Come out and admit all that, and be proud of it instead of trying to hide behind your fake disorders (and your pseudo-anarchy, but that’s a whole other post). If you don’t want to come out and admit that, then I’m willing to bet that you’re well aware that what you’re doing is wrong, now aren’t you? 

- Kaa


If you post any kind art on the internet, you should have a look at a website called and check if they are making money from your work without your consent. used my pillow sprite character and had it ready to sell as t-shirts and art prints without ever consulting or paying me. They eventually took it down but are absolutely without remorse. They know it’s wrong but don’t care because the chance of anyone finding out is slim.

If you ever come across my artwork for sale and I haven’t posted it either here, in my shop, or on my portfolio page then please tell me about it.

I’ll even make you a gif or something for your trouble :p

(post edited for the sake of tidiness)


some of you may already know of my past issues with tumblr user softwaring (previously meancutie) who also runs jubileethemes and naturalpalettes, which have been going on since october of last year.

long story short, shes previously stolen tons of coding AND art from me, and went as far to try to illegally sell photography that did not belong to her from her naturalpalettes blog. sadly theres still harassment and shit going on so it would be cool if you could unfollow any or all of her blogs, and blacklist all of her urls, and spread the word (and of course reblog this post).

you can read up on all of this stuff (with some examples still in tact, as its an old archive) by clicking here, this article is updated when and if i get incidents of theft/harassment submitted to me, or if i find them myself.

tbh i dont get why peoples first instincts is to kill on the purge like you realize you could steal anything youve ever wanted??? new laptop? check. brand new car? check. a good fitting bra????? check.mate. why the fuck would you murder someone man wtf is wrong with you

This Guy Will Organize the Perfect Robbery for You

Fixers are the consultants of the criminal underworld. Paid to organize crimes without actually getting involved in any of the hands-on stuff, they’re capable of earning large sums of money purely for advising the bank robbers and smash-and-grabbers who employ them.

A couple of years ago, while trying to make a name for myself as a writer, I ghost-wrote a number of true crime autobiographies. One of the people I wrote for was a guy named Colin Blaney, a former member of a Manchester, UK gang called the Wide Awake Firm, who introduced to me a highly respected fixer. “Mr. C” was responsible for organizing a wide variety of crimes, and agreed to talk to me on the condition of anonymity.

VICE: What exactly is the role of a fixer?
Mr. C: A fixer is a person who can influence or set up a time and a place for the perfect robbery. He can organize a person or group of people so they get the job done, so it happens as planned, so it goes off to a tee. The term applies in the same way in the drug world; it’s somebody who’s behind the scenes, organizing the movement of drugs. Drug cartels will trust the fixer to plan how they move the drugs, how the money is laundered, when the product’s coming through, how much of it is coming through, which countries each bit’s going to, and so on.

Talk me through the process of fixing a robbery then. What does it entail?
Well, I’ll give you an example. I know of a job that was done where a load of expensive watches were stolen. The guys had a car and a motorbike stolen in advance. On the day of the robbery they went into the shop, took all of the high-priced watches out and bagged them up. They knew that they only had a certain length of time before the helicopters scrambled, so they did it quickly and then jumped into the car, knowing it would be spotted right away and the police would be looking for it. They then drove to a set of bollards. A motorcycle was positioned there. The police can’t go through bollards, so the robbers could escape that way.