Art thieves (again)


I am currently trying to find a way to contact two thieves, both who have touched up my art and either slapped on their own watermark, or used it in advertising. Sadly, I don’t speak ukrainian or vietnamese, so I can’t find a way to contact these two thieves:

Ukrainian thief
Vietnamese thief

Neither have asked me beforehand and all I need is an adress so I can send them a cease and desist. Any help would be appreciated!

Also, since I can’t read either language (google translate is not too helpful) I can’t tell how severe these cases are. for private use, I USUALLY allow it when it’s linked back respectfully. It’s just rude not to ask, and even worse to slap your own name on it.


Ya'll know why little richard sang so fast?

when he first started he’d put a song out and the white radio stations would get their own singers to sing the song in the style they wanted (like kidsBop but on every radio station ). well little richard was like “well i don’t like that…what if i make it so hard to sing they cant imitate it.” he became so fast that if you wanted to hear a song by Little Richard Then you had to listen to Little Richard.


UPDATE: Fairyland and Cerberus Project have responded!

Good job, Fairyland! You’re totally setting a standard for your fans and fans of recasts to follow! /s

Pic 1 from Steampunk Tendencies page:

Pic of doll from:

Pic 2 from the artist’s flickr:

If FL wants to stick up for artist’s rights then they need to set a better example.


Mmm, art theft

So I found this, uh, interesting specimen on sale today on Qwertee


It’s traced off an image I drew back in 2004 and appears to have been vandalized by a kindergartner in the process. (I’m actually really amazed that people are still plagiarizing this old thing after so long!)


I contacted the site over several obvious channels, but I have a feeling they’re not going to ‘notice’ my comments until their sales are all safely completed tomorrow.

Normally I don’t make a fuss about people plagiarizing my Pokemon drawings (much less ten-year-old ones) since it’s just silly fanart that I don’t own the copyrights to anyway. But I’m posting about this incident because sites like Qwertee really rub me the wrong way. For those not familiar, Qwertee is one of many t-shirt design sites that allow users to submit potential designs to be voted on. Then, every 24 hours, they swap out their stock and sell a new batch of designs. (So if you’re seeing this post after July 9th, the stolen design will probably no longer be on the front page.)

Why only 24 hours? Well, there are limitless benefits to this kind of setup: a huge influx of free unpaid labor (Qwertee pays its winners better than most, but only the winners—their ‘contest’ business model gives them a huge pool of free designs to pick from without having to compensate the majority of the artists who contributed their efforts), fresh new designs to profit off every day so the stock doesn’t get old, and, most importantly, the ability to get away with blatant copyright infringement and plagiarism—since they have such a small sell window, any stolen designs are already safely sold and off the market by the time people/companies notice and send in complaints. I find it incredibly opportunistic and incredibly skeevy.

So there you have it. Qwertee, supporting unpaid artist labor, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. Normally, I’d say “blame the art thief, not the website,” but in my opinion these kinds of websites deserve every bit of scorn they can get.

Edit: this story had a happy ending. See here for what transpired.

The worst part about the Tumblr shoplifting community is that they try to hide behind a legitimate disorder...

And it’s a disorder that zero of them have. Hear that, Tumblr Shoplifting Community? Zero of you have Kleptomania. This sort of thing is nothing new — people have been trying to pretend they have Kleptomania in order to justify stealing for as long as the idea of Kleptomania has been around. Back then, it was a shitty way for affluent people to get out of admitting wrongdoing when they got caught stealing. Nothing’s changed in that regard, and people are now wearing their fake kleptomania like people do with other disorders, saying it makes them ‘quirky’ or whatever. They give themselves cute little names like kleptokitten.

But it’s not Kleptomania. Kleptomania doesn’t just mean “likes to steal shit”. Some people still don’t even think that Kleptomania is a real thing, but we’ll side with the folks who say that it is. Let’s take a look at part of an actual definition of Kleptomania, from this paper which has collected several of them from the 1800’s to the present millennium:

The essential feature of Kleptomania is the recurrent failure to resist impulses to steal items even though the items are not needed for personal use or for their monetary value. (…) The objects are stolen despite the fact that they are of little use to the individual, who could have afforded to pay for them, and often gives away or discards them. Occasionally the individual may hoard the hidden objects…. Individuals with Kleptomania… are aware that the act is wrong and senseless.

There are two things in common with just about every definition of Kleptomania you’ll find:

1. The people committing the acts often steal anything they can, including items that have no real value to them, and rarely actually make use of their stolen items. The impulse never goes away, and can often strike anywhere.

2. The people committing the acts are often ashamed and try to hide their compulsion because they know that their theft is wrong. Kleptomania is often, for that reason, linked with extreme stress, depression, alcoholism and other mental disorders.

These little snowflakes clearly don’t fit into the first part of the definition. Picking and choosing the stores they steal from and taking a haul that they carefully selected beforehand isn’t kleptomania. An actual Kleptomaniac wouldn’t walk into Walmart and walk out with three of their favorite t-shirts and a bunch of their favorite foods. Their haul would look more like a candlestick, a pair of boxer shorts that aren’t actually their size, and two bananas. They have a compulsion to steal whatever they can get their hands on, and it very rarely is something they wanted going in. They wouldn’t go for the most expensive stuff they could find, and they wouldn’t have a shopping shoplifting list.

They don’t fit the second part of the definition either, and you can see that by all of them having a ‘community’ in the first place. They have no shame, they wear their shoplifting as a badge of honor, and they gleefully tell each other about the ‘hauls’ they managed to accomplish that particular day, and chat about what they hope to grab next time out. Adding ‘oh, but this darn kleptomania!’ at the end doesn’t make any of it excusable.

Just come out and admit it, Tumblr Shoplifting Community. Admit that you’re thieves and lawbreakers. Admit that you’re folks who care more about obtaining goods without working for them than you care about the people who lose jobs because of you. Come out and admit all that, and be proud of it instead of trying to hide behind your fake disorders (and your pseudo-anarchy, but that’s a whole other post). If you don’t want to come out and admit that, then I’m willing to bet that you’re well aware that what you’re doing is wrong, now aren’t you? 

- Kaa


some of you may already know of my past issues with tumblr user softwaring (previously meancutie) who also runs jubileethemes and naturalpalettes, which have been going on since october of last year.

long story short, shes previously stolen tons of coding AND art from me, and went as far to try to illegally sell photography that did not belong to her from her naturalpalettes blog. sadly theres still harassment and shit going on so it would be cool if you could unfollow any or all of her blogs, and blacklist all of her urls, and spread the word (and of course reblog this post).

you can read up on all of this stuff (with some examples still in tact, as its an old archive) by clicking here, this article is updated when and if i get incidents of theft/harassment submitted to me, or if i find them myself.

tbh i dont get why peoples first instincts is to kill on the purge like you realize you could steal anything youve ever wanted??? new laptop? check. brand new car? check. a good fitting bra????? check.mate. why the fuck would you murder someone man wtf is wrong with you

Please fix your system, Redbubble.

EDIT: To clear up for some people misunderstanding the situation; They did not steal or use my art. They claim I stole from them, and had it taken from sites, claiming my artwork as their property.

So, one of my works has been removed from my redbubble store because “Pumpkin Studios” sent a complaint about their intellectual property being stolen.

It was a drawing. Of my original character. A simple sketch to be exact.

They claimed it was theirs, redbubble removed it. They didn’t have proof, or at least they didn’t include it in their mail.

Now, to claim back my work, I need to send them my personal information and a signature, accepting the risks of a case.

Again, they didn’t include any proof.

I think the cause of why they claimed this is because the character has a nickname, which is Pumpkin. (Pumpkin Studios, right?) I probably included this in the tags and they went on a reporting spree.

To see if I might have drawn something similar to someone’s work, I tried finding Pumpkin studios, without succes. I only found a game company that ended around the year 2000.

I am an artist that earns nearly nothing, work off my ass and now even my work/character is being claimed and taken away from me?

If I try to reclaim my work, I risk having to pay a lot of money.
I cannot risk this, so they can basically do whatever they want with my work. In the future, too.
I feel pretty helpless.

What should I do?

VICE Reports: Pink Panthers, Part 1

Everyone thought the Pink Panther gang would vanish—especially after the 2012 arrest of one of its leaders. Instead, the jewel thieves have started training new recruits as a way to take revenge on a world they feel has robbed them blind.

The group, hailing from former Yugoslavia, has stolen more than $350 million worth of jewelry in the past 15 years from the world’s most exclusive jewelers, according to Interpol. Now, VICE takes you inside the Pink Panthers’ secret world to learn their history and see how the jewel thieves train new recruits.


This Guy Will Organize the Perfect Robbery for You

Fixers are the consultants of the criminal underworld. Paid to organize crimes without actually getting involved in any of the hands-on stuff, they’re capable of earning large sums of money purely for advising the bank robbers and smash-and-grabbers who employ them.

A couple of years ago, while trying to make a name for myself as a writer, I ghost-wrote a number of true crime autobiographies. One of the people I wrote for was a guy named Colin Blaney, a former member of a Manchester, UK gang called the Wide Awake Firm, who introduced to me a highly respected fixer. “Mr. C” was responsible for organizing a wide variety of crimes, and agreed to talk to me on the condition of anonymity.

VICE: What exactly is the role of a fixer?
Mr. C: A fixer is a person who can influence or set up a time and a place for the perfect robbery. He can organize a person or group of people so they get the job done, so it happens as planned, so it goes off to a tee. The term applies in the same way in the drug world; it’s somebody who’s behind the scenes, organizing the movement of drugs. Drug cartels will trust the fixer to plan how they move the drugs, how the money is laundered, when the product’s coming through, how much of it is coming through, which countries each bit’s going to, and so on.

Talk me through the process of fixing a robbery then. What does it entail?
Well, I’ll give you an example. I know of a job that was done where a load of expensive watches were stolen. The guys had a car and a motorbike stolen in advance. On the day of the robbery they went into the shop, took all of the high-priced watches out and bagged them up. They knew that they only had a certain length of time before the helicopters scrambled, so they did it quickly and then jumped into the car, knowing it would be spotted right away and the police would be looking for it. They then drove to a set of bollards. A motorcycle was positioned there. The police can’t go through bollards, so the robbers could escape that way.