The Museum of Stolen Art

Virtual gallery project by Ziv Schneider features various exhibitions of artworks that have been officially stolen - videos embedded below:

[Oculus View]

[Regular View]

The Museum of Stolen Art is a virtual space for pieces reported stolen in FBI and Interpol art crime databases. The museum is a virtual reality experience that allows the visitor to encounter art whose location is unknown.

The first exhibitions in the museum are:
The looting of Afghanistan
The Looting of Iraq
Famous Stolen Paintings

While walking through the space, the visitor is accompanied by an audio guide explaining about the history of the different pieces. The goals of the museum are to give visibility to art that is otherwise impossible to see on a museum wall, and also to familiarize the public with stolen items in order to assist in the their recovery. Another goal is to bring attention to the subject of cultural theft, especially as a result of war and conflict.

The project will be available for all to view at some point in the future. You can find out more here

The other day I actually had a white cop warning me about counterfeit coupons, fake bills, and quick change artists. He literally told me to watch out for ALL black people and some hispanics.

I’ve been working in retail for 7 years, and you know what color 97% of the thieves have been in my experience?

WHITE. That’s right! White people of all ages, sizes, and classes.

When I told him this, he tried to explain that “this area has more black thieves” and I was like “I work in the same area. I used to work down the road from here.” He tried to play it off like a weird coincidence.

This holiday season, I’m not LOOKING to bust black people or hispanic people. I’m LOOKING for suspicious activity…and buddy, that white cop was suspicious.


So in light of Macy’s latest marketing events I thought I’d see if I could recreate their mirror graphic in photoshop using the iconic image of Brody Dalle. As you can see it only took a few simple steps, which took me about 15 minutes.

So first I mirrored the image, then rotated it. After I just played with the hue, saturation, and contrast to separate the main details when I went to smooth so I could get a better result. I decided to smooth it so when I maxed the contrast there wouldn’t be grainy noise.

 The hair looks like it was touched up using the basic photoshop brushes as the hair clumps are exactly the same as the original image, and the hair has the basic brush falloff. Details like the highlights of the hair are exact, making it look like she has a tuft of hair above her ear, a bald spot, then her mohawk. I didn’t do the best job in correcting the perspective to be front on with the close up of the mirror graphic. If you look at her shoulder area you can see remnants of her chain and her bra strap have the same shapes in both images. It appears they painted a tattoo on her arm (it would be TOO obvious if they had her winged skull and crossbones) that resembles a generic skull and crossbones.

So as you can see despite me not getting the “exact” results cause I only spent about 15 minutes recreating the image it is obvious Macy’s is using her image to advertise their crappy clothes and add some edge to their store. Not only is this wrong, but they were incredibly lazy as well with the creation of this graphic, as it even has the line where the image cuts off and is obvious it’s a photo manipulation, and NOT original artwork.

If you had any doubts I hope this proves it IS the image of Brody that they are using, and that you spread this to show support to Brody and help get the message out.

The bottom image is courtesy of Brody’s Twitter, and the top image is a google grab of an iconic image of Brody that I just used to show how easy it is to create this graphic.

Do Not Follow


This user has been proven to steal other people’s photos of cute animals and claim them as their own.

I am not slandering, just stating fact. Please unfollow them if you haven’t already.

They’ve stolen photos from at least one person and have likely done it before to others as well. Namely chondropythons has had their photos of Acorn the Shingleback Skink baby stolen recently and awwww-cute had claimed Acorn as their own for attention and notes.

I heard the situation is being overlooked and possibly the image removed, but I am highly against photo stealing. Please unfollow anyone you see that steals photos and doesn’t give credit.