Sent this to the Frisky staff, in response for featuring stolen art on their site.

Dear The Frisky Staff,

A comic I have drawn has been used in an article present on your site. Here is the link.

Although I am happy that this comic has touched your staff and readers, I am unhappy that I am not mentioned as the creator of this comic and that you are making money off advertisement around a page featuring my work.  

Art theft hurts artists who are trying to make a living and their rights should be respected. I am demanding that you take my art down, or at the very least, credit me as it’s creator, remove your watermark (As the work does not belong to you) and link to my blog in the post featuring my art. ( I

Thank you in advance for complying to my demands. Thank you for respecting the rights of creators on the web. As writers, you should be motivated to do so more then anyone.

Yours truly, 

Isabelle Melançon

The Girl Code.

I saw this posted on today, and I was curious as to what some other ladies thought.

  • If your dress is hanging open in the back, I’ll let you know and zip it up for you.
  • If your butt is tucked into your panties or otherwise hanging out of your dress, I’ll kindly inform you.
  • If you’re in the next dressing room over and need an honest opinion on something you’re trying on, I’ll offer it. Especially if the opinion is “save your money.”
  • If I come across a woman crying in a public restroom, I will offer her a tissue.
  • I will always share my tampons.
  • I will babysit for free so my mommy friends can get their date on.
  • I will stick up for girls who are not around to defend themselves — and stick up for girls who are around to defend themselves but are too scared to do it!
  • I will discreetly let you know if your mascara or lipstick is smudged, or if you have egregious “panda bear” dark eye circles thanks to some misplaced eye shadow.
  • I will listen to my friend cry and comfort her (even if she’s just crying because slightly inebriated).
  • I will listen to my female friends complain about their guy problems, even when he sucks and I think she should dump his butt.
  • I will volunteer to take my friend home if she’s not feeling well or too drunk to get home by herself. I will not let some random dude take her home.
  • I will apologize immediately for small transgresses, such as stepping on another woman’s foot with my heel, or accidentally spilling something on her.
  • I will give up my seat to a pregnant lady or a woman with small kids on public transportation and help women with strollers up and down the stairs.
  • I will always let another woman know there’s no toilet paper in a toilet stall, or alternately, pass her toilet paper if she needs some.
  • I will tell my girl friends if their man is stepping out on them.
  • I will not engage in body-snarking another woman, either behind her back or to her face.
  • I will always offer up my single man friends to my single ladies. Just because I don’t want them doesn’t mean one of my girl friends won’t!

Are there any you agree/disgree with? Anything you would want to add?

3. DO ask at least one question in each email. Some people have a hard time figuring out what to write in an email, so make it easy by giving at least one question he can respond to. Unless he’s got the personality of corduroy, he should be able to carry the conversation for at least a paragraph from there.
—  From The Dos and Don'ts of Emailing Online Dating Matches on TheFrisky. You’d think this would be so obvious. There is NOTHING worse than an email response with absolutely no questions in it. 

1. We don’t honk. Seriously–it’s possible to go days and even weeks here without hearing a car horn. I told Jessica about this when I was in New York and she said, “But what if someone cuts you off?” Well, in that case you stew quietly in your car. There’s no need to use your horn. That would be rude.

2. It is not uncommon to see zip-off cargo pants in our fine dining establishments. For a really classy night out we might add a fleece jacket.

3. Recycling is the rule, not the exception.

4. Also? The recycling is complicated. Most establishments are equipped with at least 3 or 4 recycling and compost bins. As my friend Mike put it, “You need a freaking sustainability degree to know how to best dispose of your bendy straw at Whole Foods.”

5. We take brunch very seriously. Sunday brunch is like church but way more important, and with more house-made organic marionberry jam.

6. We freak out about the sun. When it’s sunny, no matter what time or day of the week it is, no matter the actual temperature, every single person in Portland will flock outside and post the following status update on their Facebook page: “SUN!!!!”

7. The bicycle lobby is a political force to be reckoned with. It’s like Big Oil without the oil.

8. Despite living in one of the rainiest states in the union, we take pride in not using umbrellas. We’d rather get smugly soaked, thank you very much.

9. Every menu at every restaurant in the entire city includes this sentence: “Gluten-free bread available upon request.”

10. We glamorize city service careers. Waste water treatment employees, for example, are regarded as environmental crusaders, saving the world one septic tank leak at a time.

I don’t think that, as a society, we’re at the point where most women can play a performative “choose our choice” game with wifeliness and expect little-to-no consequences, either in how we feel about ourselves or in how we’re received by others. In a world where women are still paid less for the same work, where the Violence Against Women Act isn’t a congressional gimme, where some women are always already “asking for it” because of the clothes they’re wearing or the color of their skin, a “BRIDE TO BE” purse isn’t just a fun or silly accessory. It’s a statement about a woman’s place, and a woman’s worth. It’s a statement men do not mirror, and do not feel compelled to mirror.

I honestly think that women of the future will look back on heels and say, “People actually wore those? It must have been like torture!” much like we look upon organ-rearranging corsets. That’s not to say I don’t experience serious shoelust when I see a gorgeous pair of heels. And as a short lady, I think it’s nice to get a little extra lift every once in a while. But I still acknowledge that heels are silly.

What Men Think About Menstruation

I found this very interesting article online today about men and mestruation. Check it out.  It’s both funny and interesting.

It is difficult to empathize with biological functions that are radically different to your own. How would you feel if a man’s penis molted once a month and we had to apply copious amounts of salve to our raw member?”

That would be GROSS.

Mind Of Man: What Men Think About Menstruation

The screenie above is my comment on The Frisky from July 3.

The reason I’m posting this? Gov. Pat McCrory has officially broken a major promise to North Carolinians and signed Senate Bill 353 into law about 12 minutes ago.

Women. Remember this in November 2016!