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if america becomes anarchy how would we defend ourselves from other countries?

Let’s do a little thought experiment. 

If you were a farmer and wanted to take over some land by force are you going to try and take over land that is already set up to make money or are you going to take over some undeveloped land? 

Of course you are going to take over the already developed farm land because you can stop making money right away. 

Now if you are another country are you going to try and take over a society that has a government that is already taxing and stealing from their citizens or the state-less society, where mostly likely everyone is armed and even if you do take them over there is no structure in place.  So then you’d have to waste billions into trying to put a government in place with a society who will just continue to resist? 

States invade other states for profit.  Invading a state-less society isn’t very profitable. 

But it is possible that another state might still think it is worth while to invade a state-less society even though they pose no danger. 

In a free society there still can be a “military” that would be self defense.  Private militarizes would be just like insurance companies.  Or it could be another service that insurance companies provide. 

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If there's one thing I hate it's how everybody thinks you need to go to college to be successful. What do you think would have to be done so that that isnt the norm anymore.

I got in this argument tonight at dinner.  College isn’t as important as people would like you to believe.  Most people would be better off working after high school, not getting into 10s of thousands of dollars in debt, and starting to earn an income and work experience earlier in life.  

I think it is only a matter of time until that is the norm.  Even now the unemployment for college grads is enormous.  More and more people are realizing how useless college is.  Especially if the government keeps on trying to push it and guarantee student loans.  

Even now a bachelor today is worth the same as a high school diploma 40-50 years ago.  If the government starts pushing master degrees they will become continuously worthless.  

There really isn’t anything that has to happen.  The more government pushes for the degrees the more worthless they become.  

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"And again, with out government involved, anyone could provide you with insurance and there would be no restrictions on competition." Doesn't that mean that if there was a company good enough then they could monopolize the whole industry, since there would be no restrictions?

If you mean by monopolizing the entire industry they would provide the service cheaper, better, and more efficient than everyone while still making a profit. 

But wouldn’t that be a good thing? 

Only problem is this has never happened, ever, in a free market. 

Monopolies are the product of the government.  Only the government can grant monopolies through the use of force. 

In your hypothetical example.  Let’s say one company did become so efficient that they could prove cheaper and more reliable service than anyone else.  But after a while they started to price gouge.  Sure they would make heavy profits for a while.  But it wouldn’t take long for another company to step in and still make good profits but charging less there by bringing down the price. 

Only when government gets involved can a company price gouge with no worries.  Since competition would have already been restricted by the force of government.