These hand-painted Mario Converse are still looking for a home!

They’re size 10 UK/US M, 12 US W, and EUR 44. 

Hit up my Ask box with any offers, or email if you have questions or would like to see further photos.

Please signal boost, as I’m moving house soon and really need the money. =)


Okay, I’ll keep this short - my student loan didn’t come through, so I’m now struggling to make ends meet. If anybody’s been holding out on ordering a pair of shoes, now would be a great time to do it! 

I’ve also been clearing out my room to find stuff to sell off, and I found some of my shoes from when I first started. Some of the designs weren’t even finished. Most of them are too old and sun-faded, or they were a pair that I wore, so I can’t sell any of ‘em. I thought I might finish off the pairs worth saving and donate them to charity. 

This is the progress for the Charmander pair - the right shoe was blank when I picked them up today, and I’m hoping to have it finished tomorrow.

I’m having difficulty affording my rent this month, so I’m sticking a lot of items up for auction. At a starting price of £0.99, these are a bargain (I’m willing to ship internationally, just contact me if you win the auction so I can quote you a shipping price). 

I also have a lot of books, DVDs and games up for grabs, so check things out!