He's so good!

There are times in my daily walk that I fall short of everything I could be. But I know that my God never falls short or doesn’t give His all.

I wake up an hour before I have to leave for work so I can spend twenty to thirty minutes minutes reading my bible. But as soon as I get to work I don’t talk as much as I should about God and the blessings He gives.

I just ask for prayers today. I’m so confident in what I have but my fleshly insecurities get me down way too often.

For the people that take Games way to serious

It’s just a game.
Stop bitching to people that just started playing.
Have fun and meet cool people.
If your one of these people. Fuck you! Grow up.
That is all.

Join The Flesh

Romans 7:25

“I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.”

Bible study:
When I read this I think of animals. How they are governed by their flesh, their primal instincts. When they are hungry they might kill or steal, they engage in polygamous sexual behaviors to procreate and keep their species alive, they live in fear. The flesh is bound in lower frequencies of anger, fear, and individuality. The flesh is governed by survival.

As humans we wear the flesh but we should dwell in the mind and spirit. The flesh still gives us instincts living in the state of survival, but our minds are in control. We have the power to step back and reflect. Survival is not the highest truth for us higher beings, love is. We should use our minds to remove ourselves from primal behaviors and instead act in a state of consciousness. Choose to create beauty and love, which is God.

1. Think of five times in your life when your animal instincts took over/ take over, where you were governed by survival and your lower frequencies.
2. Take time with each of these moments of survival to sit in silence for 5 minutes each. Let your mind be controlled through love, unity, and consciousness of your ability to choose your life’s path.
3. Know that you are alive and will thrive for evermore.

kurovixen asked:

♥ For mine to accidentally bite yours too hard while kissing. (Kaguya lol)

Accidents happen all the time

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Night came into the desert, invaded its reaches,infected every creature with passion for survival. They were two of them, two targets for long black arms, greedy for any confrontation in the ferocity ofthe night’s reign. Their grip was tight, lethal, their embrace poisonous. Hecould feel thin sticky blackness absorb the entity of his body, crawl into theflesh of the one he fought against, thirsting for the fire of the collision oftwo wills, yet, the suffocation of the darkness was nothing in comparison with the obsession against her female frame, with the might it scorched him with, turning him into what she was so willing to get from him, an animal. 

Savage, hungry, he pinned himself to the body kept under in the security of his weight, his lips drinking the taste of her mouth, strong, tart, intoxicating with spice like nothing else he had ever tasted, savouring the stinging pressure of her teeth she buried into them in their contact to provoke his fangs to hook her tender pinkiness. A tilt of his head, he dove deeper into her mouth, rushing to feel her cunning tongue with his. He encircled it, rubbing it as tension pierced him to the very core. His hands, shaky in their firmness, tore her outfit, slid under it to grab her flesh and revel in its crawling under his touch. Her erect teats got clenched with his raptorial fingers as he pushed himself forward, thrusting his tongue out and back in, sucking her hitching breathing, mixing his saliva with hers, forcing out a moan out of her throat that echoed dully in his heavy head. In his ears that were unable to perceive anything as soon as his mouth knife broke at the stab of pain.

Tremendous pupils wide, thunder blueness changed into embodiment of ocean death, he screamed chaotically at the force of her fangs that had gone through the thickness of his tongue. His gaze of obscurity bore into hers as she released him to drown in the shade of scarlet that wasn’t intensive any longer, that was attenuated with blurriness of apology against the background of impudence.

It was an accident.

The accident boiled his veins, however, the mixture of sensations, of lust and anger prevented it to find liberty in an explosion, the unity was too undivided to grant that expression of humiliation and ardency to the creature that kept her wild sly gaze on him with curious power. Sweat trickled down the lines of his body, trapped in his military uniform, as the wound sent spasm in his trembling numbness at her strange expectation. Eyes only on me, she liked to whisper into his ear when he was carried away by his need. A hesitation, then his head lowered to let his mouth cover hers for another assault, drops of blood spot her lips, and come apart in her moisten to nourish it with his taste and decorate with his colour. It was a nice reminder for him about the fact they kept fighting even in a fraction of sin.


It was a beautiful reminder that an end was always a beginning.