thefirststarr said:

Your favourite planet is Saturn right? It's mine too but what features of the planet make it stand out above the others?

You mean besides these beautiful rings?

There’s also the amazing auroras, charged particles hitching a ride on Saturn’s intense magnetic field and slamming into the polar atmosphere:

Then there’s the odd hexagonal storm on Saturn’s North Pole, perhaps a result of specially-rotating eddy currents from other Saturnian storms:

Or there’s the fact that Saturn pulls so hard on its moon Enceladus, squeezing and warping it with extreme tides, that the resulting friction heats internal water into volcanic geysers:

Supergiant star Gamma Cygni lies at the center of the Northern Cross, a famous asterism in the constellation of the Swan (Cygnus). Known by the proper name Sadr, the bright star also lies at the center of this gorgeous skyscape, featuring a complex of stars, dust clouds, and glowing nebulae along the plane of our Milky Way galaxy.

Image Credit & Copyright: Jose Francisco Hernandez (Altamira Observatory)