My Favorite Finds This Week: 9/9-9/13

A new week = new finds. 

Now into my first week of school, I am now completely out of summer mode and have been feeling very fall inspired. The cooler weather last weekend (along with some pre-fall apple picking) has got me feeling nostalgic for chai tea lattes and pumpkin bread, and of course, boots, leather jackets, and sweaters :)

So, even if you are not completely ready to jump into fall, let me help you out :) Here are my favorite finds from this week - mostly fall inspired, but some cool sits and clothing lines thrown into the mix! 

1. Snip of Mint: Homemade Chai Tea Lattes

Let me be honest, besides hot chocolate and coffee, chai tea lattes are probably one of my favorite warm drinks. The pungent mix of cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, and nutmeg practically speak fall. Because store-bought chai tea lattes are hard to get right - some are too sweet, or do not have enough “spice” - it is worth trying to whip up your own. Try this recipe out - it will only take you 5 minutes before sipping in that warm, cinnamon-y flavor :) 


2. Jack Wills Fall Collection, Courtesy of Honestly WTF 

So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: fall clothing is my fave. Sweaters, boots, tights, leggings, denim, vests, leather jackets…. now that is what I like to hear. Now, if you don’t know about this little English brand Jack Wills, you should, and you should definitely know about their fall collection. Featuring cropped denim and menswear-looking wool blazers, I am all over these clothes! Take a look at a nice preview of the collection on one of favorite blogs. 


3. Sundry Clothing: the softest sweatpants & sweatshirts. ever.

When the cold weather starts to ease in during the next few weeks, what better way to get aclamated then by cuddling up in cozy sweatpants and sweatshirts? I mean… that sounds pretty great to me. I recently came across this loungewear line, and actually own a few pair myself, and can tell you that they make some of the softest pieces I have ever put on my body. Made in a variety of simple colors, and different from what all of your friends might be wearing, check out this incredible line of cozys! 



4. A New Food Blog: The First Mess 

By now you should know that I love cooking, creating recipes, and perusing through food blogs for yummy-looking dishes. So, here is another one to add to my list: The First Mess - a food blog that my friend introduced me to, and it is ah-mazing! From superfood salads, to waffle ice cream sandwiches, this blog not only has delicious recipes but incredible pictures of food to scroll through. 


5. A Re-cap of NYFW Street Style - The Daily Candy 

The runway models are the not the only ones looking fab and stylish during NYFW. Check out this fun slideshow of NYC street-goers captured on camera this week. The perfect way to reflect on what went on outside the shows during this year’s NYFW.