Eat Clean Diet Feature!!!

You may have read a post that I wrote a couple days ago celebrating my friend and teammate Theresa Lopetrone aka The Fame for her recent accomplishments and for and how she has inspired me to live my dreams.

Theresa has had a phenomenal year with two published photographs in Oxygen Magazine one in the February 2012 issue the Future of Fitness and the second in Oxygen’s Abs Special Issue that just came out yesterday…have you purchased your copy?   In it, Theresa reveals her journey to weight loss and how Tosca Reno and the Eat Clean Diet Books were monumental in her progress to achieve her goal.  She is now shooting for the stars and will be making her first WBFF debut in June.

As a teammate, Theresa shows constant support, compassion, encouragement and sincerity.  She has set her sights for goals that are very important to her and she is making them happen.  I am so proud of her and I know that our coach and everyone on our team is rooting for her success.

Our beautiful coach, Fatima (featured above) has been the inspiration behind both mine and Theresa’s success in everything from our training and meal programs.  She is a WBFF pro, has also been featured in Oxygen Magazine and the Abs Special issue, and is a coach who works with each of us based on our own needs and goals.  I am so grateful to her for everything she has done to help me achieve my my dream body, become a better athlete and get me stronger in my recovery.

You may have heard that Theresa was featured yesterday on Tosca Reno’s blog and she announced last week that she would be a guest blogger for the Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook (you may recall my last post on vegetarianism where I mentioned it as well) and she has been a busy bee preparing some of her favourite recipes from the Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Book ever since, and she has done a fabulous job, might I add (some of those images look like they belong in the book!)

As you also may have read, I have just received an email only days ago congratulating me for being selected as a guest blogger on Tosca’s site as well as to participate in supporting the promotion of the Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook as well!  How incredible!  Out of a small handful of blogs both mine and my amazing teammate’s have been selected!

Theresa was very excited for me too and she already has a wonderful plan as to how she is going to be sharing the recipes and creating a challenge out of it.  What makes this even more interesting is that Theresa, although skilled at everything she does, is a fitness model and is planning to compete, she is a not a vegetarian but definitely loves vegetarian/pescatarian food whereas my focus lies more in fitness combined with yoga, running and cooking and I am a vegetarian/pescatarian so these variations will be fascinating to see as they unfold.

Since I received my news, I have been planning on coming up with a creative way that will highlight my specific skills to make it unique and interesting for you, seeing as how Theresa and I both have some people from the same audience thanks to the fact that she introduced me to the tumblr world! 

Theresa and I have discussed our plans with one another as to how we can make this interesting for you and I will be sharing my plan with you in the next few days…very exciting!

Above all, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to get to know the Eat Clean Diet Book and especially the Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook.  However you choose to participate, let’s get out there and cooks some clean veggies meals!!!

Today I am celebrating the story of my teammate and friend Theresa Lopetrone (The Fame) who’s success story is featured in Oxygen Magazine’s Abs Special Issue.  

I hold this woman in the highest regard.  

Theresa is special to me in many ways and although we have not been in one another’s lives for long, she saw something special in me that I had forgotten about - and not only reminded me of it but encouraged me to share it with others, to share my story, in the hopes that my experiences would benefit others. Thanks to her inspiration, guidance and leadership, I started my own blog and owe so much of my success to her.  

Although our journeys have been very different, I am so grateful to Theresa for her constant support and compassion.  She is a true fitness inspiration and someone who truly walks the walk.  

Congratulations Theresa on this monumental milestone in your fitness career! 

April goals - recap

So, how did I do? (I’m cringing as I write this as I know I didn’t do as well as I wanted).

For April, I will do the following:

1. Measure myself once a week (since I am not going by weight loss anymore). Bonus would be to lose an inch of my waist by the end of the month. - I measured myself once this month. Just once. I hit a major case of the bloats mid-month and couldn’t look at the measuring tape or I would cry.

2. Make sure to take my multivitamin/supplements daily - I had my vits/supps almost every day! Gold star here!

3. One full glass of water per meal - Some days good, some days not so good.

4. Minimum 7 hours of sleep a night - Fail again! I keep this goal here since I need to get my sleep in but I’m still not doing it. Case in point, I think I barely got 6 hours of sleep each night this past Thursday night through Sunday night. Last night I had zero energy to workout and skipped my yoga workout for movie + wine. Not a good swap at all. Yoga makes me feel so much better but being overly tired gives me crap balance.

5. Calorie count (even on bad cheat days) - Hangs. Head. In. Shame. I even joined MyFitnessPal this month and only tracked for 1 week. Maybe I should give out my ID so people can hold me accountable?

6. Make my meals in advance to take to work the next day (I’ve been getting sloppy lately) - I think I do this 4 out of the 5 days a week. I want to start prepping meals on Sunday for the week.

7. Continue with one new clean recipe a week - I get two gold stars for this one! I think I averaged at least 2 new recipes per week. Some from this month’s challenge and some from magazines or cookbooks. Even John has been jumping in to help. Going to keep this good trend going.

8. Twice this month I will get a sitter so that John and I can get out for some RnR. - Yup! Even got to see my first grown-up movie (Hunger Games) in the theater in years!

9. Stay on track with marathon training schedule - Oooo look, squirrel! (Points in other direction and runs away. 2 long runs + blahs meant this month’s training was a car wreck).

10. At least 1 yoga and one strength workout per week - Ooo look, another squirrel…

Some good, some bad. Lots of room for improvement. May will be all about getting back on track!