11 Questions Game

1) Always post the rules.
2) Answer the questions from the person who tagged you and make 11 new ones.
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I was tagged by tgemini on a secondary blog but I figured it’d be more appropriate here :3
1. What is one song that you shamelessly jam out to? Mickey by Toni Basil. I’m not a fan of 80s music (despite being born in the 80s) but this is the first song I remember with a great beat.

2. If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Telepathy/Telekinesis would be my first choice because of the possibilities for messing with people. Elemental Manipulation would have to be my second choice because AVATAR.

3. When was the last time you laughed? Hanging out with friends Tuesday evening. I set a water bottle down in front of one and jokingly told him he looked thirsty lol (love you Marshall)

4. Favorite play/musical? (even if it’s a movie version) Avenue Q hands down. I haven’t seen it in its entirety yet but I love what little I have seen. :)

5. You inherit $1,000,000 from a wealthy, distant relative (because that would happen). How do you spend it? Pay off debt and invest the rest…after I bought a snazzy DSLR.

6. Which two celebrities would be your parents in an alternate universe? (feel free to pick two ladies or two guys if you want, I’m sure there’s adoption in other universes) Robin Williams and Zachary Quinto. Robin for the spastic energy and impressions, and Zachary for the Resting Bitch Face™ and subtle snark.

7. You can consume unlimited amounts of a certain food without ever getting sick or fat from it. What do you choose? Either pizza or ice cream because I’m a fatty lol

8. Which cartoon character would you be best friends with? Bugs Bunny. Our snark combined would rip the universe in two.

9. Which video game would you most like to live in? Animal Crossing: New Leaf

10. What is one thing you do to feel good about yourself? Take nude photos and buy cute undies. Not even gonna lie.

11. What’s one place you’d like to travel to? I’d love to visit Portland and soak in that grunge-alternative vibe, as well as the Maple Bacon Donut from Voodoo Donuts.

My 11 questions:

1) Why exactly do you like your favorite color?
2) What is one mythical creature you would have as a pet?
3) Paper or plastic?
4) What would your bucket list be if you only had a year to live?
5) What is one thing that reminds you of a happy childhood memory?
6) AC/DC or Flock Of Seagulls?
7) What is one television show that is a guilty pleasure?
8) What do you order most online?
9) Daytime talk shows or primetime talk shows?
10) If you were given absolute authority over the entire world, what would be your first action?
11) Who is one Tumblr user you would keep as a sexual slave?

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Shuffle Challenge

10 songs at random from my extensive library of music - tagged by scrotesmagotes

1) Astor (Shur-I-kan Remix) - Robert Babicz

2) Set Free - Katie Gray

3) Your New Beloved - Lovelife

4) The Allure - Beats Antique

5) Life Magazine - Cold Cave

6) Pick Up the Phone - Dragonette

7) School - Calvin Harris

8) Endless Fantasy - Anamanaguchi

9) The Night - Disturbed

10) Gimme Sympathy - Metric


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theeasternlion-deactivated20120 said:

Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them! :)

Another ten? 

1- I love collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

2- I love The Yu-Gi-Oh! Abriged Series

3- I never think highly of myself no matter how many compliments I receive.

4- I love watching Jeopardy!

5- I love Dairy Queen

6- I get horny easily

7- I have big feet

8- My beard is red, yet my hair on my head is brown

9- I like Instagraming myself

10- I don’t like people thinking my home state is all about Chicago.