Feeding the Birds | Modern Week | Ella and Sally

It was a quiet day, and one of the few amounts of time off that red-head had, Sally sat on a bench, gazing off into the distance. Her fingers worked quickly on what ever she was sewing. She didn’t think of sewing while she worked, she mainly focused on the outcome. Though, her gaze was mainly focused on a group of birds quietly chirping and hopping upon the ground. She gave a tiny smile, resting from sewing before she leaned and reached in her purse- thankfully finding a small package of crackers she nabbed from the bar. Carefully, she opened the package with out any loud crackles, removing one of the crackers and breaking off a piece- tossing in to the animals in front of her. Sally smiled as she watched the little critters coo as they ate the small crumbs, before looking up and seeing Ella approach her. She gave a friendly, but shy smile- scooting over slightly, in case the other wanted to sit down with her. 

“Hello. How are you?"