SOOOOO I can’t for the life of me remember the password to my tumblr here and so I can’t look at it on my phone SO I had to create a new tumblr in which I could continue with thedoorchangers and be online with my phone SOOOOO here it is!

I wanna follow all you cool people that have followed me! SO keep on followin me on the other tumblr so I can refollow you!! hehe! 

Making a short story longer….to all my followers 

But i’m moving to my new tumblr.


Leaving the group -.-

Okay. So I just want to let y’all know that I will no longer be with the group thedoorchangers .I was Axel(Kingdom Hearts), Tony Stark (at one point), Gambit (x-men), Dirk (Homestuck).

I still hope to see some of you on omegle…I will be on there still. Hope to see ya soon!


"Why is Loki smelling my marvel-lous hair?" - Steve

"Mmmmm this hair has been LOKI’D!" - woohoo-heehehehe-LOKI’D! 

Steve and Tony felt bad for Loki so they adopted him…We are sure that Loki and Peter will get along… >.> maybe. Probably not. Damn having two kids and having a favorite.

And trying to figure out dinner. Pizza has been ordered and night of omegle is set.

Omegle tags: thedoorchangers, frostiron, stony, superhusbands, captain america, steve rogers, tony stark, iron man, the avengers, Loki, loki’d ….cosplay (maybe depending on how many dicks are on there…yeah.)


I have safty glasses…now to go do unsafe things…because by my logic the glasses shall keep me safe…BWAHAHAHA…I kind of look like every character with that hairstyle… or like some weirdo with a lightning mcqueen car figure on a bookshelf.

-goes to run with scissors, explode things, and play with guns and knives- 

actually I really just want to swim…-shakes fist at olympics-

Axel: Ha! I gave Saix bunny ears.

Saix: Oh. I thought it was Roxas doing it.

Roxas: Oh! That’s why you were glaring at me!

Only omegling for about an hour tonight. sorry guys Axel has work in the morning. We’ll be under the usual tags but here’s a list of some for any newcomers.

Kingdomegle , kingdom hearts, axel, saix, roxas, thedoorchangers .

:D here’s to seeing you guys there!

Stupid Defensive Driving Course…It’s like just statistics…I am not Sherlock….Although I have a mind palace it is not used for this dull information about things that happened in 2003…-stares- This is the only way to make me feel better. -_-

tumblr makes me happy whilst my soul is dying in in the dull dregs of driving information, and they say that we should have a happy attitude driving. This just makes me angrier! What the hell!?

It may also be the sleep deprivation…. no sleep for 24 hours boo yah!  

As to why we've been away...

A lot of our members have been overly busy with their convention/work/school/costume making schedules.   Hopefully sometime soon we’ll be showing off new costumes.  Three of our members will be attending an anime convention this weekend so no promises on anything happening soon. But we’ll see. <3 you guys and looking forward to omegling with everyone again.