thedkdude asked:

dude, you could as least just have reblogged my gif instead of posting it as your own. Not that it's a problem, but there is a reblog button that allows you to add your own text to it.

Honestly, I didn’t intend that gif to explode as it did. I found the gif on Dodger’s Tumbler, and I did put her URL as the source so I tried my best of sourcing it correctly. However, I did not source the gif as my own;  I know that it’s faux pas for taking one’s work, but again, I thought at least sourcing it back to DexBonus it would have been appropriate. I’ll change the URL on my own post back to yours, but I haven’t gained any followers or anything because of it.

My bad homie – Hope there aren’t any hard feelings.

Happy New Year.