To my dearest sister, Lauren (@thedisneydirectioner)

Lauren, you know I love you so much. You have been the sister I wish I can live with, seriously. Please know that you are loved, not just by me, but by your friends and family. I thank God everyday for being blessed with good friends like you. You’ve helped me and I’ve helped you. That’s what sisters do for each other. I can’t stop expressing my love for you because you really have been an inspiration to me that no matter what happens, there’s always one more reason to smile and laugh again. You know that you can always call or text me if you need anything or if something’s up. You’re one of the reasons why I actually put up with One Direction’s music :P Whenever I hear them, Disney, Spanish, or Dora, I always start laughing because I instantly think of you and our memories we’ve made in Spanish class, lunch, before school, after school, and during our webcam sessions. I love you so much, twin. More than words can explain. Hakuna Matata. Asante sana squash banana <3




Please answer my calls or give us a sign that you’re still here. I miss you so much.