Eunhae. Piercings and blowjobs.

prompt courtesy of thedirtypeanut <3

“Hyukjae,” Donghae called out, short and sharp.  His impatience was getting the better of him. “Hyukjae.”

Muffled footsteps grew louder until a dark head of spiky hair popped out from behind the doorframe.  “Hey baby, what’s up?  I was just heading out to practice – “

Donghae set his mug of tea down with a little too much force, wincing when the hot liquid sloshed onto the edges of his latest script.  “No, Hyuk, you’re not.  You’re going to stay here and tell me why the hell I haven’t seen you for the past four days.”

Hyukjae rolled his eyes.  “Don’t be a baby, Hae. Of course you’ve seen me.   For one thing, we live together.”

“And you think that’s enough? You think that’s why it’s ok for you to ignore me? To not touch me?  To not fall asleep with me for the third night running?”

Hyukjae shoved a hand through his hair, the way he always did when he got frustrated.  “Hae, can we talk about this later?  It’s not like that…you’re making it sound like I’m sneaking away in the night or something.”

Donghae swiveled his chair around to face his desk again, slamming his papers down so hard that they fluttered to the floor.  “Fine.  It’s clearly not important to you.  Sorry for missing my own fucking boyfriend.”

Biting down on his lower lip, which was trembling dangerously, Donghae focused on the last sheet in his hands, words blurring as he blinked furiously.  He barely heard Hyukjae shuffle up to the back of his chair and started when he felt the heat of his forearms sliding down along his collarbones, fingers brushing against the muscles of his chest.

“Donghae,” he breathed into his ear.  “I’m such an idiot.  I just wanted to surprise you…but I didn’t think it through.  I’m sorry, baby.”

“What kind of surprise do you think I — oh.”

Hyukjae’s tongue was damp against the lobe of his ear, but the chill of metal was what sent a jolt through his body.  

“Let me make it up to you.”

Hyukjae spun Donghae’s chair to face him, leaning in to run the cool steel along his upper lip and slip it into his mouth with a rushed kiss before Donghae could fully react.  Hands clutching at the sides of his face, Hyukjae pulled back and looked him in the eye.  “What do you think?”

Donghae could only gape.  “Let me…let me see it.”

“Don’t worry. I will.”   Hyukjae barely caught his smirk before dragging his palms down Donghae’s body and resting one on the fly of his pants.  The other hand found its way to his own zipper, and slowly, teasingly, pulled it down and crept inside.

Donghae watched, mesmerized, as Hyukjae’s tongue poked out of the corner of his mouth, wetting his thick lips as he rubbed a hand over his cock.  His grip on Donghae’s crotch had tightened, and the round stud embedded in his tongue glistened in the light.

And Donghae loved all of it.  He reached out with a finger and gently ran it over the piercing, fascinated by something so hard and unyielding marring the smoothness of Hyukjae’s mouth.  But Hyukjae’s mouth wasn’t really all sweet kisses and soft smiles.  Donghae had seen the way he snarled onstage, the way he bared his teeth when he was moving over Hae after tossing the sheets aside.  The little bite of a piercing was was perfect for him, he decided.  He took in the sight of Hyukjae’s ripped sleeves and the smooth sides of his ribcage, the angles in his hair mirroring the sharpness of his jaw, that fucking piece of metal.  “You look…incredible.”

Hyukjae smiled up at him, fingers already working at his pants.  “And it’s going to feel incredible too.  I hope this was worth waiting a few days.”

He closed his eyes as his lips brushed against Donghae, head bowed as he slipped him out of his pants.  Rubbing his wet mouth along the side of his hardening flesh, Hyukjae let his tongue flick out and finally graced the sensitive skin of Donghae’s cock with the feel of something hard and smooth gliding against it.  Donghae let out a strangled moan and immediately glanced up at the door; Hyukjae had left it open just a crack.

Fuck it.

He wrapped Hyukjae’s hair around his fingers and pushed up, satisfied with the noise that came from low in Hyukjae’s throat.  His head fell back as Hyukjae took him further into his mouth, fingernails on his hips nearly cutting to the bone.  

After four days of frustration, Donghae was panting after only a couple of minutes.  Feeling something twisting and knotting inside him, he started to shake as Hyukjae wrapped a hand around him and sucked at the head of his cock, steel clinking against his teeth.

“Hyukjae, I —”

But Hyukjae impatiently dug the rounded underside of his piercing against Donghae’s slit, pressing his own erection against Donghae’s leg, and Donghae lost it.  The wheels of his chair slipped and slid across the hardwood floor as he came into Hyukjae’s waiting mouth.

Breathing heavily, he looked at Hyukjae’s hollowed cheeks after he regained his senses and realized that his boyfriend was waiting for him.  With large, intense eyes trained on Donghae’s, Hyukjae opened his mouth before swallowing and snaked his glinting tongue out to catch a stray drop of cum.  Donghae groaned, but pulled Hyukjae up so that he was straddling his thighs.

“You know I don’t like surprises.”

Hyukjae’s smile was gummy and cute this time, and he leaned in to peck Donghae on the nose.  “Do you think this might be an exception?”