Tutoring Sessions (AU) || thedevilstate

Leg bouncing anxiously, Violet sat on her living room couch, honey-brown hues fixed in a cold glare on the dusty antique rug. Okay, yes, her grades have been slipping and she was failing almost every one of her classes, but did that really mean her mother had to get her a tutor? And Tate Langdon of all people? Couldn’t her mother have chosen someone who didn't spend every moment of their life hidden in their house like a hermit?

Her eyes darted to the door as a repeated timid knock shattered the silence that filled the empty house. Dragging herself to her sock-clad feet, she shuffled to the door. The dread built up in her gut, forming an uncomfortable knot that squished any butterflies that even attempted to flutter around in her stomach.

Undoing the lock, she yanked the door open, nearly smacking herself in the face with the edge of the wooden surface. Her breath caught in her throat as she was suddenly looking up at the face of the boy she teased mercilessly, standing barely a foot away from her. Recovering quickly, she opened the door wider and stepped to the side. “You may as well just come in." 

thedevilstate-Stater-Step siblings (AU)

 "TATE! Lets go! We’re gonna miss the bus!“ She screamed up to her brother still up in his room with the music blasting. "You ass hole!” She giggled and ran up to his room. “Dad’s not going to give us a ride every day! You take longer then I do and I’m a girl!” She laughed and rolled her eyes, Then cheeking her self once more before leaving his room.

Someone Pour Blood Into My Water | Tara & Tate

|| ღ || Spring was meant to signify new beginnings but in these handful of moments as the petite blonde trudged up the cobblestone walkway towards the house she was being forced to move into now that her father decided to go through his midlife crisis in the form of marrying a woman he had been dating for less than a year and buying a house with a completely torrid reputation, she felt as if this new beginning was nothing short of a death sentence. Of course that could have just been a bit overly dramatized version of what was really happening but the way Tara saw this was nothing short of complete, well, bullshit. She understood that her father was lonely and that this woman, for whatever reason or another, had been a balm to that loneliness but this was all a bit extreme. Marriage paired with real estate wasn’t exactly her definition of taking things to the next socially acceptable step - not to mention this woman already had two children, the male she could barely be in the same room with for more than a few assortment of minutes without being at each other’s throats.

Her stormy hues shifting up towards the impressive architecture a pout was inspired across her glossed tiers as she groaned like a prison on her final walk towards the electric chair. Her father was all smiles which only sickened her further. “Out of all the places in California, you and your shotgun bride couldn’t find one that isn’t part of a murder tour? I mean, have you heard that fat guy in his little black van full of hapless tourists wailing about this place? It’s a little cliche, even for L.A.” she mumbled with obvious displeasure laced on her every chosen tone. Her father with his peppery hair just lightly shoved her inside of the house and grumbled with fair warning to her. “Now, you listen here, young lady. Constance is a wonderful woman and you have barely even said a single nice thing to her since we started dating. All you do is fight with Tate but now we’re all a family so you’re either going to get used to it sooner rather than later or you’re going to have one helluva time.” to which she only rolled her eyes and gave him a mocking salute before wandering off to explore the house.

Apparently Constance was unable to afford this place on her own and haplessly enough, Tara’s father was just another form of income who was easily flattered by the bat of her fake eyelashes and her Southern accent lingering on her tones. Black and white Chucks lightly tapping against the polished floorboards as she hooked her thumbs into her back pockets of her light grey jeans which clung low to her small hips. The place was a lot more interesting on the inside than it was on the outside where it looked like something out of an old-fashioned horror flick before there was sound. So, they were all one big fucked up family now which meant she was going to clash with her new step-brother more often than just forced dinners and ridiculous family outings like before.

my body's a zombie for you // asylum au

She feels as though she’s losing track of time.

Three weeks into her stay at Denison Hospital for Mentally Ill Youths and she’s already starting to lose her grip on reality. Something about all those white walls really makes a person question their whole existence and given her already delicate state, that’s just enough to push her over the edge from depression into something worse. Maybe that’s been her father’s plan the whole time. Put her in a mental hospital, make her even sicker, keep her out of his hair. She knows it’s a cruel thing to think but she can’t help it, not with the way he shipped her off right after her mother had their perfect little bandaid baby (even if that occurrence just happened to coincide with her psychotic break). She can’t really blame them, though. Who wants a fucked up sixteen year old hanging around when you have a perfect little baby, with no self-esteem problems, no scars from self-harm, and just the cutest fucking face you have ever seen? 

The common room is where she spends most of her time. It’s nothing special but it’s better than sitting by herself in her room, counting specks on the wall and wondering how long it takes for a person to go insane when they’re sitting by herself. Besides, at least in the common room, Violet can carry out her favorite pass-time, staring at all the other fucked up kids that fill these halls and wondering what got them damned to this godforsaken hell-hole. She’s usually good at guessing. Most of the girls are here for some self-harm or eating disorder bullshit. Most guys are for suicide, fucked up thoughts, threatening to murder their fathers. But there’s one boy that she just can’t figure out, the one with blonde hair and dark eyes who’s been staring at her across the common room for what feels like years. She would say suicide but there’s something about him that says that his breed of self-loathing is different than hers. The mysterious darkness that follows him like a dark cloud is enough to draw her in like no one else has before and she knows the feelings mutual from the way he follows her with his eyes wherever she moves. 

It’s been six days since he’s showed up and neither of them has spoken a word. All that’s been said has been spoken through golden eyes meeting across a crowded room. And she’s getting fucking sick of it. Violet Harmon’s never been a pussy, not once in her life, and she’s not going to let this boy turn her into one. Taking a deep breath, she gets up from her seat and walks toward him, pretending that this isn’t anything, that she hasn’t had to work herself up to it for hours. Plopping down next to him, she crosses her arms across her chest and gives him a sidelong glance. “What’re you reading?”

+ thedevilstate +

It’s had been six mouths, since violet moved into ‘murder house’ and and be-friended Tate Langdon;

since then they became boyfriend and girlfriend, and today was there six month anniversary. — violet wasn’t the mushy girl, but when it came to tate, she was; He made her feel different and loved. She invited him over to do something for there anniversary, tonight.

“Violet, Tate’s here!” Vivien yelled up the stairs. “Send him up!” Violet yelled back, smiling fixing her hair, in the mirror, waiting for Tate to enter her room.

{ Clean Up Before She Comes - thedevilstate - CLOSED }

——Another shitty school year. The only difference this time around was that her father Kurt Cobain had passed away. Walking towards the school library Frances lit up a cigarette and inhaled a drag. As the bell rang she rolled her eyes and butted it out before walking inside of the library.Seeing an open seat near the back she sighed and sat down before opening up a book on birds that she had. It was her way of relaxing.

Rise|| thedevilstate

Sweet sounds of distorted guitars played through her small, plastic speakers. Drums played a steady, simple beat and with a voice that could not be mistaken, the sound weaved through her room it brushed over her cluttered desk, danced across her tall standalone wardrobe and bounced off of her ‘off-white’ walls. A voice whispered into her ears, a familiar one. The brunette had grown accustomed to his voice, memorized it, and etched the lulling tones into her skull. Her brother would always listen to them; she guessed it was his coping mechanism. ­­

“I wanna watch you bleed.” She sang along, smirking into the mirror of her small vanity. With a quick application of her lip balm, Dominique headed for the door.

                “You’re always late.” The girl’s voice brought her back into the present, “You live so fucking close too.”

“Isn’t that always the case?” Dom had missed the first half hour of her class.

She let Farrah speak, let her drabble on about her weekend. The girl enjoyed the sound of her own voice. Truth be told, Dominique couldn’t care less about who she had hooked up with, and the endless comments and nagging that she “should have come” because it had been an excellent night or some shit like that. Shifting the weight of her bag, she continued walking, the blonde walking alongside her. Farrah had sat down quickly, dropping her books on the table that had been their table for years. Dominique mirrored the girls actions but with less harshness, with more fluidity in her movements. Dominique took her seat opposite the girl and relaxed. She let her muscles loosen and she shrug off her oversized denim jacket. She tugged at her short tunic, feeling slightly insecure now that they were in the courtyard. Dom breathed in, inhaling the air of the beautiful day, letting it suffocate her lungs.  She closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun embrace her pale skin. For a second or two, she escaped. Flew away to another place, where everything was nice, simple, warm. A place where she was who she wanted to be, exactly what she wanted to be, and everything was perfect. Farrah’s voice shattered that world though, crashing it like it were a simple shard of glass.

“Dom, are you even fucking listening?” her face had contorted, she looked as though she might spit at her, like a mule might.

“Uh..yeah Fare-Fare.” She smiled at her, the corners of her lips turning upward. “You ended up jumping into the pool and everyone else followed.”

The blonde’s face changed for a second, flashing a somewhat confused face her way before contorting once more, this time she looked pleased, happy that the brunette had been listening after all. Her lips opened once more, carrying on with her tale of the party but Dom was easily distracted. Maybe it was just the way the girl had talked, the lulling sounds of her voice that could easily fly right over your head, either way, she caught sight of a boy. She knew his name, knew that he was trouble. Or at least that’s what people said. Tate Landon or something along those lines. Blonde, a few months younger than she. He mainly kept to himself but she guessed that rumors were more powerful than the obvious. She couldn’t help but stare at him, his dark clothes contrasting with everyone else around him. Dom bit down hard, wondering about him. She had a strange habit of making up wild stories about people she didn’t know, strangers in the mall or at school, her father’s friends, her brother’s. She imagined him to be nice, warm, welcoming. Maybe he had a secret passion for classical music? And then her mind muddled everything up, what if he was the polar opposite, full of hate, abusive, angry. Either way, he looked intriguing, this would be the third time she’d imagined a life for him, once he was s secret agent, another time, he had been a pirate on a ship, sailing the seas. Dom was strange, she knew that. She was just good at hiding it. 

Some AU ideas for Tate's and Violet's.

–Violet and her family moved after Violet found out she was pregnant. Violet comes back to the murder house three years later so that Tate can meet their daughter. (Violet is obviously alive)

–Violet’s grown up in the murder house and has known Tate her whole life as a “big brother” figure. Now that she’s all grown up, her and Tate have feelings for each other… and not the innocent kind.:

–Tate is a popular boy in high school, while Violet is a nerd and she has feelings for him.

–Violet and Tate as step siblings and fall in love.

– Tate is a loser and tutors Violet who is popular.

–Violet is a hocker and she runs away to live in a half way house (Murder house) and falls in love with Tate who is a new comer to selling him self.

–Violet is abused and Tate tries to help her or the other way around.

–Violet and Tate are a couple again,Have sex and find that Violet is now with child. They try to find away to raise him/her as they are still dead and forever 17. (Baby dead or alive.)

–Violet and Tate are run aways and meet and become friends and hide from the cops and so on and so forth

–Violet and Tate are best friends, both secretly in love with each other. (1990s or present day, both of them alive)

These are just a few feel free to use them, and if you want to start one with me just hit me up! Xo-Violet Mun