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Twilight Princess remixes! I have a bunch of good ones to post. This one of the Hyrule Field theme is a collab by TheDelRe and Jam2995. I posted their Great Sea collab awhile back, but I think I like this one better.

So I generally don’t post about graphics in my review posts, because I personally don’t see graphics as that big a deal in a game. But I still want to talk about how damn pretty Twilight Princess is. Hyrule Field is scenery porn at it’s best, with all the giant canyons and old ruins everywhere. I love that you can just circle around the whole giant field without a loading screen, riding on Epona and listening to this theme. It’s gorgeous. And the lighting around the twilight hours is awesome. The occasional weather effects are a nice touch as well. I don’t actually mind the colour pallet that the game has going, even though it’s often criticized for it. It looks good.

Drew TheDelre for monthlyartchallengeorwhatever.

Anyway, I’ve had this drawing sitting within the depths of my porn folders since the beginnings of time. Also known as December. For whatever reason, I never finished this and I didnt want to draw him for January because I realized I was already drawing so many coverists that month, which is the main reason why I extended youtube guitarists into this month. But I got the motivation to finish this when TheDelgay was chatting away with FamilyJules7x on yesterday’s twitch stream so I guess that’s a thing.

Also expect a couple art collabs to come soon! I’m just waiting on a couple people to finish on their side! (nopressure)

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This Is Fucking Excellent! xD

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I just need this on my blog okay.

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This one was a hard pick, since I actually have two renditions of the Great Sea done metal style, one by CSGuitar89, and this collab by jam2995 and TheDelRe. I love them both. But I’ve posted three other songs by CSGuitar so I thought it would be cool to mix it up.

This song. This is the reason why I never get sick of sailing. I could listen to it for hours. It perfectly captures the sense of adventure and exploration that Wind Waker is filled with. Just something about Link sailing toward the distant shadow of an island, full wind in his sails and his hat flying behind him and the seagulls following is really magical. Also one time a seagull went nuts and was flying all over the place really fast and it was hilarious.