[What in the world? Well, it seemed that quite a crowd had gathered in his absence. Javert’s jaw tightened, hand straying to his baton. Either seven o’clock on a Monday morning in Paris had just become traffic hour, or the Amis were up to something. Again. It wouldn’t surprise the inspector; not much did at this point.]

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Aria winced as she appeared in her latest time and place. Something had felt off about the landing, as if she’d been somehow ripped from the Universe and placed somewhere else. Spotting a young woman up ahead, she ran up to her, slightly nervous, and tapped her on the shoulder. “Um…excuse me miss? Could you possibly tell me where I am? And um…possibly the date?”

It wasn’t every day that someone saw Iron Man walking down the street, but today just happened to be one of those special days, it seemed. Said superhero lingered at the corner of a crosswalk, giving a cheerful wave to anyone who looked his way, the people closest by whispering in the small crowd that was around him. Well, that’s what he got for testing the new rockets without making sure he had wired everything properly. At least he was close enough that it wasn’t too much of a hassle to walk back to the Tower. 

"Hey, yeah, uh, autograph will have to wait, excuse me. Light’s green." He nodded, motioning for the people in front of him to move so he could cross the street, giving a wave to the people in cars that were gaping at him, grinning, even if no one could see that due to the mask. "Jarvis, tell me I’m close." "You’re close.” “Gee, thanks, now tell me the truth.” “I believe if you turn down the approaching alleyway, you may escape most of the mob.” Tony spotted the turn and quickly ducked that way, jogging down the way. “Another note: Remind me, again, never to do this again.” He said, glancing around to make sure no one was still following him. 

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[It had been three years since Morgana had returned to Camelot and everything was going swimmingly; perfectly, really. But then Arthur went missing. He had been gone for weeks now and everyone was certain that they would never see the King again. In one piece, at least. But Morgana was not so eager to give up that easily. She frequently spent most of her long, lonely days in the throne room, her pale fingers dragging across the wood of Arthur’s throne. Wishes and prayers escaped her lips; begging whatever God she believed in to bring him home. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, when she heard the door open and saw the stranger walking towards her.]

Who are you?  

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It had been a while now.
Not that she even knew.

Donna Noble’s life dragged on.

She had a brightly shining resume of temp jobs since 18, but also over 40 years of age that had her set aside for so much younger workers. It left her at home and watching TV, following Brangelina and QI, meaninglessly crying over Discovery episodes on the Spoetnik sometimes. When she then curled up on the couch, overtaken by the headache that would only leave through thinking distracting happy thoughts, she thought of Shaun, a life, and children, two things she never asked for, as she could never shake the brittle, baseless feeling that just a car crash hadn’t been the end of her and Lance.  
Two parents on the dole could not support a daughter, either way.

So she went about town and cut coupons, remembered the sales at the Sainsbury’s and Asda’s like the dreaded housewife she never hoped to be, and watched her life just pass her by as nothing ever came of it.

Her dreams and granddad kept her from depression.

It was a slightly out of ordinary day, for she decided to get coffee after buying Sylvia the eggs she had forgotten. Tea was more her flavor, but could not save her from feeling so limp, so she went to the usual café to do something exactly that unsusual.
When she thanked the surprised and familiar waiter for her drink, she wondered if there were people who got to do this every day — coffee or tea, a choice for no real reason, curing the fatigue of the everyday slump the spontaneous probably did not even know.
She’d like to be, but was too scared.
Tired, she dropped her head to the windowsill, cold fingers steaming at the mug.
Courage was all you needed for adventure, but she quite simply had none.