sorority Q&A: greek stitch letter apparel shopping!

Q: I was wondering where is a good place to buy the sweatshirts, t-shirts and stuff like that. Shirts that have the letters on them, from a company that’s reliable and not overly expensive. — thedaily-lifeof-terribleme

A: If you are looking for GREEK LETTER apparel that’s high quality and affordable, I have several favorite websites for you These companies are totally reliable and their prices are very competitive. You can’t go wrong with the sorority sugar Sweet Elite Sponsors and Partners!!

GREEK U: Lots of different styles of tee shirts, tanks, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts and long sleeves. Plus your choice of greek letter fabrics and outline colors. Create your own designs and preview right on their website. Individual sales and affordable prices! 


• Fashion Greek: Hoodies, sweatshirts, baseball tees and tee shirts available with your choice of colors and greek stitch letters. Very affordable prices too! 


• Offers sweatshirts, hoodies, tee shirt and jackets in classic, traditional greek stitch letter designs. Some are customizable and others are sold as pictured. Good quality and reasonable prices too! 


JENNABENNA: Fabulous couture greek letter fashions with custom fabrics and every style of hoodie, sweatshirt and tee shirt available. Designer fabrics and a very fashionable look for your greek letter apparel. Prices may be a bit more than the basic greek letter clothing, but the fabrics and designs are more unique. 



Sept 7

Last Day of UmiCon so it was slow
I looked Kawaii as Fuhh

Played around with some
toku toys
Pizza time at St Auggie
And then back home.

Yeah lost yesterday but tried makin it worth it today



My mornings are beginning to look like this. I am totally digging the dragged out time with my Sustainer, eating brunch, extra time to play on the strings, and to write until the heavy things in my heart spill out. Also the fog clung to the trees until the mid-morning, making the lighting beautiful in my room.


Sept 3

Off today. Slaved 5 hours on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to start this day…
Felt sad so i sculpted on my custom
Figure (not pictured)

So i cleaned my closet.
Leather pants Marik

I did some cardio.

And it felt good. It felt good to sweat my fats.