The Daily 2.21.15

Annnnnd I’m back!  I forgot how to prepare for the gym today.  First I forgot my lock and turned around to get it.  Then I got to the gym to realize I forgot my armband and water bottle.  I’ll do better tomorrow.  Anyway, due to my forgetfulness, I did 30 minutes on the bike for 6 miles of random hills.  I forgot to take a photo in the spirit of forgetting everything else.  There were girl scouts selling cookies at the entrance to the Y, but I resisted them.  I was proud when I stepped on the scale to see not much had changed during my vacation. Surprised me a little since I sat on my rear and laid on my back in the sun all week, minus the time I went zip-lining.  We did a lot of hiking then.  

By the way, what’s all this white cold stuff on the ground?


The Daily, 2.25.15

Squeezed in some P90X3 PilatesX at home tonight for 30 minutes.  I don’t know how anyone does the hour + P90X, 30minutes is enough for this lady.  I’m pretty good at pilates (I was this close to becoming an instructor in college) and even this had it’s difficult parts for me.  New goal to not modify those moves.

Since coming back from vacay, my eating habits have been waaaaaaay off. My birthday doesn’t help.  Tomorrow we’re doing a family bday dinner and having Coldstone ice cream cake.  Yum.  Friday I have a girl’s night so I won’t make it back to the gym until Saturday.