Persephone Raw Beauty products are natural, organic, and locally-crafted – we even brew our own cosmetic-grade beer! To celebrate the power of Raw Beauty, we brought together three women with different hair types and captured their luscious locks in ethereal, one-of-a-kind images. 

We created these pictures using the daguerreotype process, the very first publicly announced photographic method dating back to the 1800s. Read more about this incredible, complex technique.

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It’s fair to say that this project was a challenge, and not because I coordinated it all from overseas. During a typical digital shoot (like our previous Persephone session), hundreds of images are taken, models can try dozens of poses and there is plenty of room for experimentation. Working with daguerreotypes is an altogether different process: we had to operate within rigid time constraints governed by scarce winter daylight hours up against lengthy set-up time necessary for each photo. Since there was no time for anything less than a well-oiled machine of a crew, each outfit and hairstyle was agreed upon beforehand, along with every pose and prop – which took days to prepare. I made diagrams. With pictures! All that planning paid off: by the end of the shoot day, we managed to end up with twenty plates - well beyond expectations! And seeing these exceptional images now, I’m very grateful to have had such an excellent bunch of people to work with. 

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Concept, art direction, casting, storyboarding: Zoetica Ebb
Photography: Eric Mertens
Hair: Christopher Pham 
Wardrobe and styling: Black Lotus Clothing
Make up: Roezi Rebel
Models: Laura JalalianLizzie GunstRoezi Rebel