I get, I get it, ! People are mad that Facebook used different words for different people in their news feeds and found out the amount of time it takes people to spread negative information(energy) verses positive (energy) information, shouldn’t you be more mad at ones own inAbility to control your own emotions, this sounds like a don’t hate me because I’m negative and now it’s a verifiable fact that all people in THE BIZ already know, people are easily programmable meat machines.
#So, Could you quit #Facebook for “99 days of freedom?” #99daysoffreedom lol I’m betting most can not . @thecyclemsnbc #thecyclemsnbc

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Hmmm: Abby Huntsman joining MSNBC’s ‘Cycle’ to offer ‘conservative’ perspective!/RBPundit/status/357569102283423744

Now that S.E. Cupp is moving on to CNN’s “Crossfire” reboot, MSNBC’s cheap knockoff of “The Five” needs a new face to represent the conservative perspective. So, naturally, they’ve decided to go with … Abby Huntsman?

Who knew it was possible to take MSNBC even less seriously? And yet, here we are:



Jon Huntsman’s daughter: My dad should run for mayor of New York City

Abby Huntsman: ‘Tough to imagine’ Paul Ryan ‘exciting a Hispanic crowd in Miami’

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