Idk why tumblr posted two versions of my Viserys possible cosplay post, but here we are.

backwards-melonbag THIS GAVE ME A GREAT IDEA, THANK YOU. I’ll put a bald cap over the wig and then put InstaMorph (an easy-to-use moldable plastic) over that to great the molten gold look. That way I can sculpt the plastic perfectly to my head, effectively making a custom helmet! Thanks for the inspiration!

thecyberzombie Dude I will totally hit you up for this wig if need be! I may have a site that’ll have this almost exactly, but I might need to adjust it and work with it to get it closer to the real thing. :)


Swim Team Gajeel and Levy

All right, moving along with the rest of the requests.

Unfortunately I won’t be taking anymore requests for now since I want to focus on completing at least 5 other artworks that I have worked on and neglected in the past weeks. Plus i’m starting my own doujinshi and already have 5 pages sketched out already. C: After that’s done i’ll start up requests and collabs again~


PS as you can tell i’m a fan of swimming anime as well >:D

Oh god I created another one My second OC Irene!

She loves cutesy girly fashion, butterflies, and is perverted beyond imagination a sweetheart until you dig down deeper and discover that she can attitude.

Also, you’ll probably be seeing me wear this at Otakon on most likely Sunday, if I manage to complete most of her look.



This week has been a rough week for me. For the past two days I have been making up practicals and written testsin the cosmetology school I attend (And i’m almost finished too!) The one thing that worried me and irritated me was doing fingerwaves on  a mannequin, by gods that was horrible.(But I still passed for some reason)

But I am getting a well deserved vacation for the whole weekend spending time with my family and my boyfriend. Me and Cody are leaving tomorrow (Thursday) to head down to the beach and stay on the Indian River inlet were we will be crabbing, jet skiing, and boating (It’s fucking outrageously FUN) So while i’m down there I wont be able to work on or submit any artwork until Monday of next week due to the lack of my tablet. But don’t worry, cause good ol’ Lyssa is going to have some juicy drawings to upload. So look forward until then!


PS If you hadn’t known already, I have an art blog now. So go follow to see me post my artwork :] I do a lot of fanart for anime and manga such as Fairy Tail, Nanatsu no Taizai, Shineki no Kyojin and other animes that catch my interest. (There’s not a lot on there yet but i’ve got some sketches needing to be scanned)