A friend of mine sent me a link to The Chariot’s farewell video. I was on my crutches by my stove in the middle of frying an unreasonable amount of bacon, and I just looked down at my iPhone and smiled. I put my phone back in my pocket and flipped a couple of the pieces of bacon-y goodness before muttering what (I feel) is the most appropriate response to such news.

"Good for them."

Now is the beginning of the most important part of a long musical journey: The Legacy. They’ve jumped off stages and rooftops, hung from rafters, labored through long nights in recording studios, slept on countless floors, sniffed each others van farts, traveled the world, thrown guitars, toppled tube amps, and made people chug milk until they barfed. It wasn’t posh hotel rooms, private jets, and caviar. It was passion, hard work, freedom, and expression. That comes at quite the toll, and I am forever grateful that The Chariot was able to exist for a decade.

Their mark has been left, and it will never disappear as long as we carry it with us. They lifted us up so much, but now it’s our turn to do it for them. Don’t be bitter. Don’t be crestfallen. Those of us who’ve loved bands that existed before our time… we know how special music’s impact can be when art can pass the test of time. Music can travel through generations, but it doesn’t happen automatically. It’s passed on by people who dig into their record collections while they hang out with their friends… needles touch vinyl and people’s lives are touched. And maybe 15 years from now it will be those people whowill start a band and find a new way to say what they need to express to the world.

That’s why I love music. This is why I love punk rock and hardcore. It’s not about lasting the longest. It’s not about 70-year-old skeletons strutting their wrinkled asses around on stage because they want to build an extension on their house. It’s about having a feeling that is so overwhelmingly strong that you have to get out there and express it to every goddamn person you can aim a speaker at. And if you’re lucky, maybe people will listen. And if you’re luckier, maybe you’ll change people’s lives for the better. But you have to be amongst the luckiest to enjoy such a ride for anything more than a few years.

So if you’re going to feel anything, let it be thankful. Yeah, you can miss the people who gave you the art that helped you live, but they’re human beings with full lives and other passions of their own. A time comes when you have to take what they’ve given you and let them move on to whatever it is that they need. Maybe they need to start completely different bands. Maybe they need to raise a family. Maybe they need to create art in an entirely different medium. Maybe they need to climb the Himalayas and meet the Dalai Llama. Fuck if I know what it is that they need on a personal level, but they certainly don’t owe me a goddamn thing.

All I need to know is that my life changed in 2004 when I saw Josh Scogin do a handstand on a Marshall halfstack towards the end of “And Then, Came Then”… and I feel like it’s my god-given duty to try and offer that same impact to anyone else who I think might be seeking it. We’re no longer admirers of their evolving art. We are the curators of their overall masterpiece.

And so I bid a fond farewell to The Chariot. Thank you for reaching out to a committed Atheist and helping me realize that we’re all a lot more similar than I could’ve ever imagined. Thank you for leaving it all (and then some) on the stage every night. Thank you for being regular, approachable, friendly human beings. Thank you for helping me, and so many others, live and grow. Thank you for playing your goddamn instruments so that I didn’t have to listen to drum machines and cheesy plugins. Thanks for the double drum kits. Thanks for the cool samples. Every time I record funky percussion on a heavy song is a tip of my hat to y’all (and Matt Goldman).

Go out with a bang and walk away proud of your creations. We’ll take it from here.

Everything is alive,

Everything is breathing,

Nothing is dead,

And Nothing is bleeding.

I realize that it’s sort of like fondling yourself in public, but I feel the need to post this again after sniffing some negative vibes about the subject (even after Josh’s AP interview). If it’s all I can do to help somebody find a more positive perspective, then it’s worth it.


This video means the world to me. The Chariot was and still is one of, if not my favorite band. I seriously want you all to watch it so you can experience The Chariot. 

ketuthamsa asked:

All the questions goodxboy.

Before I get started, I would like to inform you that I was supposed to pick my daughter up from school eight hours ago. With that said.

1. I forget. I tend not to touch the girls out here. Most of them are white and I can smell the latte and trust fund and angry Lacrosse playing older brother on them.

2. Yes. #strangerdanger.

3. cmndxctrl and andrewxsierra

4. I would like to think so. I don’t judge people for their choices unless they are terrible choices.

5. No. Because I don’t drink.

6. The Human ones.

7. Absolutely not.

8. I don’t know. I guess you and anyone who will come over with either burritos or pizza or a burrito pizza.

9. Nahxbruh.

10. I am pretty sure it was the guitarist in Roomers right before he got hammered.

11. I don’t remember.

12. In no order or relevance: It’s Obvious - Xavier Wulf. Feast of the Damned - Black Breath. Just Ballin - Do or Die. Eternal Sleep - triumphovershipwreck. Strangling you with the cord - Lapalux


14. Sideways luck and thats about it.

15. I got a job and had my bike stolen.

16. I don’t know. Maybe.

17. The universe is too wonky to NOT have life on other planets.

18. No and I’ll have you know I don’t talk to my last crush either.

19. No.

20. What are those? The apartment next door has been vacant for two months.

21. I like to put Label 228s on dumpsters.

22. Somewhere warm. 

23. Nah, if there is an issue, I won’t trust you.

24. Brushing my teeth.

25. My tummychub. But then, I get to wear Large shirts and I don’t work out so I guess I don’t care abotu my tummy chub.

26. Get up.

27. The fuck kinda insecure ass question is this?

28. My friends.

29. I have never been a boyfriend.

30. How does one do that? How many more questions are left?

31. I have an afro. “I sound white on the phones, I told the bitch I’m Newt Gingrich.”

32. I’d love to watch Wesley Pipes dirty talk Robin Meade.

33. Let me level with you. No.

34. I just went up in weight class. I am now the Lightweight D-Beat champion of the world.

35. Without Tv.

36. Yeah.

37. “I sound white on the phones, I told the bitch I’m Newt Gingrich”

38. Tall. Cute. Short. Smart. Hair. Tattooes. Eyepatch. Heir to an Ice Cream company.

39. Food.

40. I graduated in 2006. Everything after June 2006 has been what I wanted to do after high school. Forealla, how many more questions are there? Am I getting paid for this?

41. Within reason.

42. I am either asleep, concentrating on something or about to dropkick a sucka mothafucka.

43. Yes, and it scares them because I am eight feet tall and black.

44. I trip that I live in a country were police suffer from Ocular Negrophobia.

45. I need to.

46. Being shot but either a vigilante or a cop while I am either going to or coming home from work.

47. No.

48. See 47.

49. Yeah. I buried a cymbal.

50. Grey and Maroon with an Orange Safety vest over it. Hunter logic.

51. Nahxbruh. But in all seriousness. Why so many questions.

52. I wish I didn’t have to answer these questions.

53. I don’t wear makeup. I recently ignored MAC cosmetics because annoying ad campaign.

54. Food.

55. Mine.

56. Navy Blue

57. Vegetarian food is my favorite food. I put hot sauce in my drinks when I go to bars. Fuck everybody.

58. Raw popcorn.

59. Cold softened Ramen.

60. How exactly do you think I became the Lightweight D-Beat champion of the world?

61. Nope. I was a relatively good kid during my school days fool daze.

62. Cops haven’t been arresting dudes that look like me recently. I have never been cuffed. Even during Cuffing season. Shame right?

63. Ask schuylerjo about that.

64. I almost got kicked out of school. That was when I decided white girls might not be as cool as mainstream media says they are.

65. You bet I am.

66. I am lucky enough that my real friends are also my tumblr friends. So that’s what’s good with that.

67. Twitter.

68. Black Twitter

69. I am watching the Packers run stuff on the Falcons.

70. You don’t need to know those people.

71. Yeah. Food.

72. Blue and Black.

73. Yes I do. Bought lil homie for a quarter when I was 8.

74. Just one. Lil homie.

75. Bull Sharks. Forealla, Imma invest another half hour to this and then I am going to go buy candy and a burrito. FWMD.

76. Mostly dark colors.

77. Depends on the situation. NEVER MIXED.

78. Mango.

79. Navy Blue.

80. Black swimming trunks.

81. The Boondocks. Yo, can we talk about how bullshit the mixtape was for Season 4?

82. Coming to America.




86. Crush.

87. James.

88. My day hasn’t ended yet.

89. I do not hate anyone. 

90. schuylerjo

91. Nah, but I want to ask blatant racist how they live life with that yoke around they neck right quick.

92. Nope, why?

93. Just one pair.

94. Six. I wear all of them.

95. Black Dynamite.

96. All the awards winning My Mom.

97.  Any cop who said they feared for their life when taking an innocent one.

98. I am three shades darker than the Ace of Spades. Hold on, Imma go listen to Motorhead right quick.

99. Of my decision? No.

100. Fantastic. This was a weird cup of coffee theaux. ketuthamsa, what did I do to deserve this?

101.Sure, why not.

102. Not listening to Converge earlier.

103. I think so. I mean, I do poetry often and edit my stuff often. What I want for Kwanzaa is a dictionary, Huf Socks, and Key Lime Pie. Someone please come through with Key Lime Pie. Hot Sauce Optional.

104. Yes I do. Dead relatives. I do apologize if I come off as a bit dry.

105. Yeah. I was the only black dude there. So many boat shoes. So many lawyers kids.

106. I highly doubt it.

107. Yes. Hated it so much I never hope to see a Horse again.

108. Making sure my cracked and painted ride cymbal isn’t stolen off my porch.


110. Drumming. And then I learned single pedal blast beats.

111. Coulda sworn I answered this question earlier.

112. thecruelbloom. Not kidding. Dude said do it. So I did. What’s good on FAULTS? You still need a drummer? I can relocate.

113. Machi. Call me that now, and i WILL make you a necklace of your own teeth that I pulled from your mouth with the pliers I keep in PopxQuiz.

114. Born in Texas. Living in New Mexico. I toured a few times too.

115. xbox 360.


117. Did I not say I was a vegetarian? People don’t ask me questions because I am mean. How many more of these are left?

118. Vegetarian.

119. Desperation - Stephen King. While yall were reading Harry Potter, I was in class grinding though that. Hollat me.

120. Never saw an episode.

121. Very. Especially when I am drumming. I am the meanesnt nicest guy ever.

122. No. You get caught and then it just never works out for you.

123. I don’t wear white shoes.

124. Only when it comes to inanimate objects.

125. Yes. Her name is Molly Edge and she never does me wrong.

126. I mean I would rather be doing something else but I commited myself to this.


128. Some of yall know me as Ahmad. Other of yall know me as Toast. what do you think I did…

129. I bring water.

130. I don’t like cold sandwiches.

131. She would know to kiss me if she meant it.

132. The last 1:40 of The Fathers Right Hand.

133. “Who the fuck is any of you?” - X. Wulf

134. In what context?

135. “I’m Newt Gingrich.”

136. Doors closed.

137. Five foot sumn inches tall.

We are 138. I have an Afro. Name all the people you know with straight hair that have a natural Afro. Please.

139. Brunette.

140. Summer.

141. Sure.

142. June.

143 . I luhluh-luh love you. Yes, I have been a vegetarian for seven years.

144. Milk. White chocolate seems like some type of oxymoron.

145. Coftea.

146. I didn’t even have to use my AK.

147. Doesn’t Mars make Snickers?

148. “I have a very expensive pen.” - Every Time I Die.

149. Yes.

150. “I saw him gazing at the long ash of his cigar, holding it delicately in his slender, manicured fingers.” - Ralph Ellison. Invisible Man.

I think this is why I stopped reblogging those question things. Yall dont ask and when you do, I gotta do ^that^.


The ChariotBuffalo, NY - 10/21/2013

This is where my cousin was tonight. Many of my friends are there with him. It’s also where I was supposed to be, but my body simply hates my guts. Some people might think it’s stupid, but this is definitely one of the biggest moments that cancer has taken away from me. 

It still feels like a good night though. I’m going to hear a lot of stories from everyone about the show, and I’ll be eager to listen. It’s as close as I can get.

I had a dream that The Chariot had just played a show and Stevis was at my school for some reason. Shirtless. he was lying on the ground so of course I ran up to him, helped him up, and gave him a hug. He was so tired so I guess I took him back to my house to let him sleep until morning. I made him lunch the next day and everything.