In six days, the horrific slaughter will once again begin.

Every year in September dolphins are herded into the infamous #the cove. The dolphins are slaughtered mercilessly (see the quota in an earlier post) the ones not slaughtered will be taken by marine mammal trainers for swim with the dolphin programs and shows.

By supporting marine parks who do this, you are supporting the slaughter.

So what can you do?

Donate to @dolphin_project Or save Japan’s Dolphins.
Volunteer, right a letter to the Japanese embassy. Sign a petition!

But most of all DONT BUY A TICKET to marine parks that have cetaceans.

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I will NEVER understand people who can kill without regrets, who can takes lives by their own hands, just in the name of culture …  If my culture was to kill humans, how many people will let it go? Humans are the worse animal in the world.

Just to remmemer that it’s not happening just in Japan, it’s happening in Europe ! (Yes, know i’m ashamed to be human AND european).


While i’m on a roll with the films might as well add this one in since it has made the biggest impact on me. This film documents the dolphin slaughter happening in Taiji, Japan unknown to the majority of the population. It follows a former dolphin trainer and Sea Shepherd activist Ric O’ Barry as he goes undercover documenting the hunting operations that take place in The Cove.

Ric O’ Barry was involved in the capturing & training of the dolphins for the movie Flipper. After this film was shown, it set off public adoration for dolphins and therefore the capture and captivity of dolphins in parks such as Seaworld. However, one of the dolphins O’ Barry had trained committed suicide in his arms by closing his blowhole as he was heavily depressed by his new life of captivity. O’ Barry then began to see the bigger picture, that captivity is a bigger curse than a blessing. From that day on he has been arrested numerous times acting out stunts etc trying to rescue animals in captivity & has dedicated himself to being a full time advocate on behalf of dolphins around the world. 

He convinced a crew to travel to Taiji with him and said that once they witnessed these scenes that they would not regret the trip. Once this crew discovered the truth, word spread like wildfire and more & more activists traveled to the location including Isabel Lucas.

Basically, a group of Taiji fishermen set out in their boats at dawn. (The earlier the better so Japan won’t see whats happening) They set off high pitch solar sounds in the ocean and clank together metal bars which pierce the dolphins skulls and forces them to swim away from the boats which is when they are driven into The Cove. Here, calves are robbed from their mothers & families. They are then transported to parks like Seaworld where the MAJORITY of them die from shock and not being able to cope from being stripped from their families. The families that are left in The Cove are slaughtered brutally by the fishermen plunging metal bars through them over and over and over again. A quarter of the dolphins are partially alive and can feel their tails being sliced off. They are then chopped and there meat is sold in town markets. However, there is a high mercury rating in this part of the ocean and this dolphin meat is KNOWN to have the mercury which would poison the people of Japan eating it. (It is giving freely to the schools of Japan for children to eat on their lunch breaks). 

Attempts to document and view this film were blocked by the local Taiji police and government. However, O’ Barry managed to secretly document it anyway and walked in to a conference taking place with selected members of Government from each country in the world with a TV taped onto him showing his findings. Finally people began to take notice of the barbaric murders secretly happening in Taiji.

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Had to post this after the disgusting annual dolphin cull held in Taiji, Japan. Animals, especially those of higher intelligence, such as dolphins, whales, primates, and elephants, should never be taken from their homes for our entertainment. It’s absolutely sick, and I hope within the next few decades, this will all be in the past. I want my children to look back and say “how barbaric” not “let’s go to seaworld”. #boycottseaworld #annual #dolphin #cull #taiji #cove #japan #thecove #animals #wild #marinelife #india #nonhumanpersons #thanksbutnotanks #captivity #horrible #abuse #slavery #sick #raise #awareness #ocean #sea #beautiful #appreciate #barbaric #seaworld #blackfish #whales