This post will be about transphobia and thecottonceiling

You guys, I am super disappointed in everything. When I said “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” that really did include running rampantly transphobic blogs dedicated to denying the femaleness of trans women. Don’t do that shit.

I caught the whole mess about harukatenjou/thecottonceiling while I was away from home, and wasn’t able to sit down by a computer to post about it, but I think it’s important that I do post about it as harukatenjou was someone I previously considered a friend and because her behaviour has been awful. (If you haven’t seen this thing, she ran thecottonceiling, a blog which purported to be protecting lesbians from rape by bashing trans women and calling them men. It’s now deleted, but you can get a sample of the contents via the cache here; TRIGGER WARNINGS for transphobia etc etc apply. I would hope I don’t have to explain the awful; I feel like it explains itself pretty clearly.)

Trans women are not undercover men. Trans women are women. Trans women are also not fucking privileged because they were born with penises, oh my fucking god. I’m really, really tired of this.

Cluelessness is one thing, wearing as it can be. I did feel like harukatenjou could be really clueless about trans* and about queerness; it’s something we had several heated discussions about (in the context of fandom interpretations of characters), which I thought/hoped she learned stuff from. I’m really fucking angry and disappointed to see that when I thought she was listening I was wrong, and that she wasn’t just a bit clueless at all.

Considering how loud she’s been about respecting the identities of fictional characters I’m stunned by her inability to respect the identities of real women. Actually, I’m stunned by her inability to respect the identities of real women regardless of anything else, but it’s adding a certain edge to my fury, let’s put it like that. I feel no need to be courteous towards her at this point and I am completely uninterested in continued friendship. And yes, I’m posting this here instead of taking it up with her directly; from the posts around this awfulness that I’ve seen it doesn’t feel like a direct discussion would win me anything.

So there you go. If you agree with her views then this isn’t the blog for you; that’s my position. End of.

(HOWEVER, telling her or anyone else to go die is also not behaviour I expect of my friends. Really. However awful her behaviour.)