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Questions for Me:

Your favourite TV Show: In order: Sherlock, Castle, Doctor Who.

Something that people do that you hate: Lie about things that don’t need to be lied about or overreact to tiny things just because they want a bit of drama in their life.

Your favourite food: Sad but true, Peaches.

Your favourite male celebrity: Beneflect Cucumbernach.

Your favourite female celebrity: Louise Brealey

How many real friends you had/have: Urm, I have 2 that I can more or less trust with my life; Katrina and Tammie.

Your favourite quote: “Light can be found even in the darkest of places, if only one remembers to turn on the light” - Dumbledore or “You can walk straight through Hell with a smile.” - The Script

Your favourite book: Oh, there’s a few.

 1. Before I Fall by Lauren Olivier 2. 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson and 3. All of the Harry Potters.

Favourite time of the Day: Night because I adore looking at the stars.

Do you like sports? If you do, what’s your favourite?: I do like sports, especially Netball and Hockey but I sadly don’t play them often enough.

If you could say your last words, what would they be?: “I’m surprised I made it this far”

Questions for You:

Place you really want to visit?:

Favourite Band/Musician?:

Language you’d love to be fluent in?:

If you could meet one person, who would it be?:

You have 3 wishes, what would you use them on?:

Favourite Season?:

Favourite Animal?:

TV Program you’d kill to be in?:

Film you could watch over & over again?:

Worst characteristics in people?:

Dream job?:


30 Days of Castle | Day 02 | Favorite Kate Beckett moment 

↬ “Dr. Burke: You’re upset.

Beckett: No. (as she pacing) Yes, okay? fine, yes, I thought that the two of us were actually getting closer together, and now it seems like he is just pulling away.

Dr. Burke: Have you asked him why?.

Beckett: Yes and he said “Oh everything is fine”

Dr. Burke: What makes you think it isn’t?

Beckett: Because he´s acting like a complete jackass. He shows up at the precinct with these bimbos hanging on his arm and now he’s just running around with another cop.

Dr Burke: Is this other cop a woman?

Beckett: No. No! Why-why do you even ask that? That’s not even the point, the point is I don’t understand why he is acting like this. I mean, what did I do?

Dr Burke : Well, maybe, from his point of view, the question is, what didn’t you do?

Beckett:  Wait. What? W-what do you mean?

Dr Burke:When you were shot, Castle said that he loved you. How long ago was that?

Beckett:  Seven months ago, but I wasn’t eady to hear that then–

Dr Burke: What do you think he’s telling you with his behavior?

Beckett:  That maybe he’s not there anymore? That maybe he’s not ready? What if I waited too long?

Dr Burke: You weren’t waiting, Kate. You were healing.

Beckett: Yeah, but then in the meantime, he’s moved on.

Dr Burke:  Or he’s protecting himself by not taking more emotional risks. ”  {04x21}


“One of the unusual skills I had to learn for acting was how to kill someone by knifing them in a navy seal technique..


I’m sorry, I’m laughing because while I was training for this I was driving around downtown la flipping this butcher knife around listening to music, singing along waiting at a stop light and there was this hummer stopped next to me with tourists and I remember I stopped for a moment cause I felt like someone was looking at me and i turn over and theres like four guys mouths gaping staring out their windows like : “What is this crazy chick with a butcher knife doing in the car? ”  - Stana katic


“When you feel the world crashing all around your feet

Come running headlong 

Into my arms, Breathless..

I’ll never judge you

I can only love you

Come running headlong 

Into my arms, Breathless.. ”