I’m sick of this show kisking Lynette down. Like sure, she made  mistakes, god knows she did.  But Tom is such a manchild. It’s true that  he needs to grow up. He demands oen sacrifice after another from Lynette and gets pissy when she doesn’t relent to his wishes. He claims she’s thecontrol freak, but god, he manipulates her ALL the time. 

And know that they’re apart it drives me insane that she gets all the blame and keeps thinking she  ought to change and he gets to play the rightful one. Like, fuck no.

He says she can’t handle not being in control and she just think about herself, but, really? Let’s think… Lynette has a kid, she has to drop her job to take care of the kids, even though she was winning more and was way more successful. This went on for about seven to nine years. Then she asks a favour of Tom’s boss and Tom gets himself fired by being a little bitch to his boss and puts it all on her.

And, cherry on the pie, he “gives Lynette what he wants” by guiltripping the fuck out of her. When Lynette gets a job and is like fucking good at it, wins more money than he did, he gets all pissy again. He can’t handle not having a job, but, hello, that’s exactly what he made Lynnette go through for 7-9 years. Never an apology. Never an “I get where you were coming from, this is driving me crazy too”. Not to mention, he never had to deal with the looks and judgments other women made on Lynette, because no one judged him like they did her. 

So, he cries and whines and gets a job as Lynette’s underling and then bitches about it a little more. “Ahhh, I can’t handdle you being the boss, aaahhhh, I never ever got a promotion because I suck as a publicist, why do you think you’re better than me just because you’re actually better than me as a publicist? aaah, how dare you use your brilliant idea instead of my lame-ass one?

And then, when he is fired for being lazy and irresponsible and using company’s money to go see his illegitimate daughter, it is Lynette’s fault again and he feels sad and emasculated and starts whining again about his big stupid ass dream of a pizza place which Lynette told him was going to fail and predictably did. Sure, it was shortly functional because Lynette quit her job and gave it her all and had some kick-ass ideas (which he all rejected), butit went down and he kept crying again about how he couldn’t get a job and what a lame-ass he ws (which he was. it’s not Lynnete’s fault. Stop putting her down for being better than you and do something. Like? are you pissed she’s better. Well, become better. stop whining). 

Then, after everything goes to hell and Lynette has a job and is succesful again, she gets knocked up and I know they never mention it but she shouldn’t have had that baby. Come on, twins, at her age with her blossoming career? That was one heck of a risk. And she has to leave her job AGAIN. Even though Tom is jobless and unable to find a new job because he’s useless. So he now has her job, now thinks he’s the king of the world again. 

And he gets a better job, thanks yo HER, and he now thinks he’s the hottest man noo earth and he thinks he deserves everything even though, let’s face it, it  is thanks to Lynette he got that job with Carlos that got him that job in that awesome place and he’s gotten everything he has thanks to a lucky combination of Lynette’s talent and white man privilege (we know either  Carlos or Lynette would have been better at it. All through the series both have demonstrated more talent and cunnning and knowledge at their field of work) but still he feels the right to bitch to Lynette about it. And when Lynette explains she  feels powerless and useless, he tells her (oh, the irony) to man up. He tells her she has never been able to just back down and be happy for him and support him. 

Like fuck you, Tom. Fuck you. How is Lynette the indaquate one? How is she doesn’t know how to support you? How is it that her giving up all her ambitions first for four kids she didn’t want (even though she learned to love thhem) for a doomed to fail pizza place, and for a fifth kid doesn’t count as supporting you? How it that no matter what Lynette gives up, she is still presented as the bitch in this series, the one who cannot give up control, the one who’s a cold bitch who doesn’t care about her kids and the one who is a frigid harpy and the  one who has ultimately failed as a woman, a mother and a wife, when  in reality is the other way round?

How is it that this show gets away with doing this? 

I just don’t fucking get it. 

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