*spoilers alert*


  • Keegan Allen tweeted- “[it will] shock everyone in the world.”
  • Lucy Hale tweeted- “The finale is the most jaw dropping yet. and Ezria fans…you are in for a ride!”
  • Marlene King tweeted- “[that it will be] a kick ass, mind blowing, crazy as hell epic story." 
  • Andy Reaser tweeted-"it will make a lot of teenage girls explode." 
  • Marlene King said- "I think I’ll finish what I started.”- Possibly referring to something from her mind-blowing episode?
  • Remember how Marlene King keeps saying “red is the new black”? The reason why she repeats this will be revealed. Herehere & here are a few ‘red’ clues.
  • Marlene King’s finale script tweets can be found hereWill Spoby live? Spencer & Toby are going to have a moment from which they will then reach a resolution. There is a possibility of a Spoby kiss.
  • Marlene King tweeted- “Emily creeps up to the house. She peeks in a window. Through a narrow slit in the curtain she sees -“
  • Troian Bellisario said- ”You can definitely expect Spencer’s world to be completely turned upside down”

Clues from above: (in no particular order)
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  • Rosewood’s infamous forest will be in the finale. 
  • The waitress who told “A” she had “pretty eyes” will be back. 
  • Spencer’s all dressed up. Hmm, could this be something to do with Toby?
  • We’ll find out who exactly Jenna was talking to in the park in “UnmAsked”.
  • *The church was tweeted by Marlene King & although you can’t see it, it has been confirmed that it will be going up in flames…


  • It will be an amazing 60 minute long episode.
  • They’ve said we’ll find out long-awaited answers. Yay!
  • A mAssive secret will be uncovered.
  • * A (Toby we believe) attempts to kill someone.
  • We will find out exactly how many A-Team members there are.
  • Majority of the episode will be focused on Alison & her death. Someone will have a direct altercation with Ali’s killer. Could it be Emily- is that who she sees in the house?
  • The next member of the A-Team is set to be revealed and it could possibly be the person that Emily saw digging up Alison’s grave “That Night”.
  • Another member of Rosewood is set to die during the finale and Wren will be directly linked to the death/the person. (while he’ll appear in a different light at the same time.)
  • Radley Sanatarium will be a major focal point of the episode. Hanna will search Wren’s office and discover a major clue regarding A and a fire will be started where a certain person may 'rise from the ashes’.
  • We’ll find out who wore the Queen of Hearts costume in “This Is A Dark Ride”
  • There will be carnival in the finale. As revealed to us by Holly Marie Combs (Aria’s mum).
  • This episode will draw inspiration from the Hitchcock film North by Northwest, which is about a hapless New York advertising executive that is mistaken for a government agent by a group of foreign spies, and is pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive. Who could this be about?! Did Alison leave town the night she 'died’, or could this be to do with the twin theory?
  • There will be a Jenna scene in the pouring rain.
  • It is possible that the title comes from the 1941 film “A Dangerous Game” which revolves around two detectives that are trying to solve mysteries in an isolated mental facility.
    [x] [x]

We’ll update this post as we find out more. Please tell us what you think- new clues, ideas etc. and we’ll tell you our own opinions of these revelations!

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Most definitely A’s Lair. The bigger questions are:

  • Where did everything go? To the Campervan?
  • What the hell does Alison have to do with this? (the number + phone call!)

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God, this show loves this particular brand of Whiskey!
The bottles left out the front of Jason’s house, are the same as the one Ezra got for Byron. Also, the bottles being used in the A-Team’s version of ‘spin-the-bottle’.

Focus on the bottom image:

  1. The scissors used- those are the type that are used for cloths and sewing etc. And who in Rosewood runs a clothes shop? CeCe Drake, that’s who.
  2. Look at the hand that’s spinning the bottle, clearly the 'spinner’ is left-handed. Our favourite English teacher is left-handed as well… Ezra, is that you?

“No Spencer at the book store”

Why did Aria text this at Ezra’s? Couldn’t she have texted it to the other liars at the bookstore, considering how worried the girls are supposed to be? What if she didn’t go to the store at all since she knew Spencer wasn’t going to be there…

ETonline caught up with Pretty Little Liars’ Executive Producer, Oliver Goldstick. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


“Letting Emily be privy to those three Macbeth witches in the Cavanaugh house was important. In my head there was a cauldron in the corner of the room that they were stirring [laughs]. Those three are seriously up to something.”

  • This is not coincidental, things like these don’t slip out without it meaning something. Could the Macbeth storyline have something to do with what’s going to happen in the near future? 
  • Shakespeare’s witches are prophets who hail the general Macbeth early in the play with predictions of his rise as king. Upon committing regicide and taking the throne of Scotland, Macbeth hears the trio deliver ambiguous prophecies threatening his downfall. The witches’ dark and contradictory natures, their “filthy” trappings and activities, as well as their intercourse with the supernatural all set an ominous tone for the play. [x] 
  • Could Macbeth be representing ‘Red Coat’ or Alison? Could they be on the A Team? Or are they on a separate team of their own?
  • Could they be trying to sabotage A? A definitely has something on those girls, giving them more motive.


“Her relationship with Jenna is a tender one, but we’re not saying they’re girlfriends. Jenna often left in previous seasons for long stretches of time and [the writers] always said this child travels a lot for someone who can’t see [laughs]. So the idea was that Jenna might not have always been alone, and Toby might have realized that … remember what he said to Garrett in, I believe, season two about Jenna not being as alone as he thinks.”

  • These two seem to have a lot of history…there’s a lot more to Shana that we don’t know. If we refer to the web series, “Pretty Dirty Secrets” and what was revealed in the season finale, it suggests that she has been here since the very beginning.
  • What is also very suspicious is Shana’s relationship with Paige? Could there have been more to it? Is Paige hiding something?


“But that doesn’t mean he’s done with “A” because in season four Toby gets sucked back in to that world in a very juicy way. It’s also very emotional because “A” knows something very emotional in Toby’s past. Don’t forget that Toby has been haunted as well by the “A” of it all. I was not being disingenuous over the years when I said he has an ax to grind with Alison; she sent him to juvie for a year! It took some time for his animosity to melt.”

  • What is “very emotional” in Toby’s past? How does A know?
  • Could it be about his mother or possible brother (Chris)?
  • Will Spoby make it out alive?
  • Is he still out for his revenge on Alison? And hence, the girls?


“We like to use those moments to plant a pebble that starts a landslide. I mean, how long can you be buried alive before you actually die? Who knows who was actually in the ground – maybe Alison was the one pulling the person out of the pit before getting thrown in there herself. That’s one big question we’re leaving up in the air.”

  • This flashback took place in the plot of land where Alison was buried alive.
  • This very interesting, who could the person be that Alison or ‘Red Coat’ pulled out of the ground? Could they be going with the Twin Theory?
  • Whoever 'Red Coat’ helped pull out, did they in turn then kill Alison?
  • Or was Alison not even involved?


“We’re not doing a time-jump this year. There’s a game changing event because of what’s in that trunk. What is inside that trunk will really send our girls down a different path this year.”

  • Who’s in that trunk- is it Jason or… is it CeCe?
  • After all, CeCe has been missing from the scene. And, Wilden did seem to be threatening her when she got in the car. Did he stop her from leaving by killing her instead?
  • Is that why he needed to find the car & wasn’t going to mention anything about the hit-and-run with Hanna’s mum?


“Mona is an adjunct-PLL because she’s being tormented, tortured and targeted by "A” next season. Mona, our vicious little dumpling, is someone the girls have to accept they need to keep close because of how much insight she has … even though she’s not trustworthy.“

  • So Mona’s been 'booted’ from the A-Team. Or was it just part of the plan- to infiltrate the Liars?
  • However, she has been dressing and acting like Spencer recently… Could A have set her a task & if she completed it successfully she was to be set free?
  • Has Spencer replaced Mona in the A-Team?


”All the girls have been Instagraming photos from set today, featuring younger versions of their characters. Suffice it to say the past will play a role in season four like never before?“ (ETonline)

"Yes to your question because Mrs. DiLaurentis is coming back! She comes back, alone, and lives in that house. She has a peculiar agenda that the girls cannot figure out. It takes quite a while for the girls to unravel what the hell she’s doing back in Rosewood and what she really wants. […] Mrs. D gives us a whole new window onto Alison, the summer before she disappeared, the night she disappeared and her relationship with the girls. Remember that flashback of Alison coming in all bloody at 3 a.m. – clearly something big was going on there. All those things contribute to a certain darkness that we will play with next season.”

  • We love the 'Mini-Liars’ & how Mona is included. It seems as though we’re going to find out a lot.
  • We made a post here about 'Mini-Aria’ and the careful decisions the clothing team have made. Here is a full photo of the other 'Mini-Liars’
  • It’ll be exceptionally intriguing to find out what “Mrs. D” has to reveal. The liars’ parents play a much larger role in this series than we realise. Remember not so long ago- Mrs. Hastings’ flashback when she told Spencer about Alison coming to her crying in the middle of the night?


“Sleeping with the Enemy”

This could be reference to the 1991 movie, ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’. A young woman fakes her own death in an attempt to escape her nightmarish marriage, but discovers it is impossible to elude her controlling husband. [x]

Could this be a hint to Toby 'faking’ his death to escape Spencer… or, what if he fakes it in an attempt to escape the 'controlling’ A-Team?

But what do you think “eight promises in the nine golden words” is a hint towards?