Super rad candles from a super rad mom & dad owned business in Austin, TX!! Thank you @theburlapbag for sending me CRAZY CAT LADY and UNICORN PUKE!! I loooove them so much and they are the perfect scents for my little babe’s nursey! Check out their other scents and awesome names for each!! I’m obsessed! #soycandles #unicornpuke #crazycatlady #austin #nursery #familybusiness #handmade #theburlapbag 💘🌼


Easy Breezy Clean (well…) Cookies!

I have theburlapbag to thank for the idea for these cookies. Soft, warm, gooey, chewy cookies that are completely clean and healthy (if you omit the chocolate chips…but let’s be real now…). I used half of the measurements and had 8 cookies total, most of which are already pleasantly sitting in my mother’s stomach and mine…hehe…and we haven’t even had dinner yet. I also used half steel cut oats and half rolled oats, because I wanted the big flaky pieces of oatmeal to chew on but also because smaller pieces tend to stick together more easily than larger pieces. A few dashes of cinnamon, a small handful of dried cranberries, a pinch of my precious dark chocolate cacao nibs, and even bigger handful of semisweet chocolate chips made these perfect. 

These are great as a dessert or a even a quick nutritious breakfast with a tall dripping glass of cold almond milk. Next time, I’m going to try making a completely clean granola bar version full of nuts, seeds, and berries.