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It’s here! Click the link above to go to the season 1 playlist on YouTube, or if playlists aren’t your speed then here are all the episodes separately:

Episode 1 - Pilot

Directed by Mike Salisbury Written by Mike Salisbury

Suburbs is a mockumentary based around the misadventures of Scott Holmes, an arts degree graduate who surprise, surprise after he graduated can’t get employed. So he is taking a few months off to ‘find himself’ He has no job but does have a rock opera.

Scott is surrounded by busy people. A sister who wants him OUT of her pool house, friends who HAVE a future and girls who don’t reeeeeally like him that much.

Episode 2 - Dine and Dash

Directed by Mike Salisbury Written by Mike Salisbury

Natalie and Scott are tasked with looking after Anna, while Stan and Amy go out for ‘Date Night’ seems easy enough? Wrong. Away from her parents Anna becomes…a monster. Meanwhile Margot is throwing a party that Scott really wants to go to, Alas, he’s babysitting, he can’t go….right?…

Episode 3 - Home Camping

Directed by Jaryd Dickson

Written by Adelaide French

Both Scott and Stan have a crisis of identity. Scott believe he needs to emulate real men, like Hunter S. Thompson and Bear Grills, so he sets up camp…in the driveway…10 feet from the pool house, Stan in an act of defiance from his wife joins him.

Episode 4 - Girls Day In / Boys Day Out

Directed by Mike Salisbury Written by Mike Salisbury

Scott still struggling to find a venue to put on his rock opera decides it’s time to stop using Natalie as a taxi service, set’s out to find the car his Mum stole while abandoning the family with the reluctant Tom. Natalie and Sloane (with the reluctant Anna) have a girls day in.

Episode 5 - So Many Paper Planes

Directed by Justin Brewster Written by Holly Tosi

The gang go out for a night in the city, drinking contests, personal truths and shocking events ensue. You know, a standard night out. With Scott almost ready to give up on his rock opera, he needs the night to be nothing short of spectacular. Natalie accidentally makes worlds collide, it’s awkward. Remember who you invite out kids. Make sure they like each other.

Episode 6 - Natalie’s Party

Directed by Justin Brewster Written by Mike Salisbury

It’s the night of Natalie’s big dress up party! Stan loses his job, Amy is not pleased. Scott does the first selfless thing he’s ever done in his life. Sadly that leaves him with out the money to put on his rock opera, who will come to his rescue?

PLEASE REBLOG THIS LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT. We need all the help we can get getting the word out. The Australian television industry is so small, it’s very hard for young filmmakers to break through, so the more you share these episodes, the more you tell your friends about the show, the more chance we have for people to stand up and take notice. Thank you for all your support we here at #theburbs are very very excited and proud of our work.

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Watch on z0mbx.tumblr.com

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The Burb (Austin & Robbie) (at The Burb - Pinellas County Practice Space)

By Jonathan Capehart, washingtonpost.com

For more than a week, we have watched and read with astonishment the stunning ineptitude of Ferguson, Mo., Police Chief Thomas Jackson. “We couldn’t care less” appears to be his and his department’s motto. Not about the residents of that tense…

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So….last week we also had a group come by who some of you might be familiar with, Fozzy @fozzyrock . In town for 98 Rock Fest, their crew and band members were awesome to hang with for the limited time we did chat, but we appreciate you guys coming in. It was nice meeting you guys and stay safe on the road. #theburb #rehearsalstudios #fozzy #98rocktampabay #98rockfest #deanguitars #98rock #tampabay #fozzyrock #burbsofjericho #chrisjericho #ilikemusicmorethanwrestlingbutmyfriendswilllovethis (at The Burb - Pinellas County Practice Space)