Mark your calendars!!!! This show is gonna be insane and I don’t want anybody to miss out! If you say our name at the door you’ll get an exclusive demo you can ONLY get that night! And our buds in Across The Atlantic are releasing their CD, and the lovely boys in Stomping On Iris and Goodbye Gloria are both playing their first shows in months!! :D I can’t fucking wait! #thebrighteststar #poppunkwonderboys #thebrighteststarband

Who’s coming out tomorrow night!? :D @thebrighteststarband plays tomorrow at 10pm and we’ll be playing a brand new song called “Fatal Attraction” :D it’s only 10 bucks to get in, or 8 bucks if you bring a flyer! :D #thebrighteststar #poppunkwonderboys


Playing around with time lapse and practicing for the show this Saturday 😎 #thebrighteststar #poppunkwonderboys

I simply do not have words for how awesome this night has been. All I can say is thank you. Thank you thank you thank you to every single person who watched our set and came out to support. I could not think of a better way to leave the rabbit. This show was held together with duck tape until the second we hit the stage, and thankfully we made it work with flying colors. Thank you all so goddamn much, and expect more coming in the new year! #TheBrightestStar #poppunkwonderboys #thewhiterabbit

These past two shows have been complete 180s from what we’re used to. We’ve been a tiny pop/punk fish swimming in a pool of metal/hardcore sharks, and we have loved it. Thank you so very much to everyone who has come out so far, and thank you for everyone who has and continues to support this band. We will be playing the White Rabbit once again on December 20th on How The Rabbit Stole Christmas. All of our buddies in the local pop/punk scene will be there with us and we hope you all will be as well! #TheBrightestStar @jtdrumm @poppunkpizza


Been messing around with some effects on “Oceans”, seriously one of my favorites to play live, I can’t wait for the show on the 29th! #thrashgiving #thewhiterabbit #thebrighteststar