kissedbyflames said:

Have you ever tried explaining it to one of your friends? Hah, my friends all look at me like I'm crazy when I try to tell them what it's about! It does sound pretty odd, but it's such a good show. I have been creeping on good 'misfits blogs' and found a few good ones, but I plan on checking out more. PS. Thanks for the amazing textures. Simply adore them! <3

yeah! it’s just like explaining supernatural, if you watch that. it doesn’t go over very well! aw you’re welcome!!

kissedbyflames said:

I love misfits, too! None of my friends like that show, so I hate that I can't ever talk about it with them. Ugh, but I love the gifs you've been reblogging so I forever a favorite blog. haha (:

haha none of my friends have even heard of misfits!! but haha thanks, but you should really check out the blogs that make those gifs because i’m a hopeless cause at giffing!